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February, 2013

Chiropractic Information Technology: Tablet Edition

By DCPI Staff

Tablets are currently one of the most popular and convenient electronic devices.

Tablets are redefining how people consume content, such as news, entertainment and information, as well as how they organize their personal and work lives.

Tablet Edition - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark The same remains true for the fast-paced, growing chiropractic industry, where on-the-go devices are becoming the trend. An e-mail survey conducted in November 2012 revealed that more than 63 percent of chiropractors currently own a tablet.1

Current Tablet Owners

The portability and convenience of tablets have made them the ideal, on-the-go device, aside from mobile smartphones. Chiropractors are taking their tablets wherever they go, with 58 percent stating that they use it both at work and home.

The survey found that about a quarter of chiropractors use their tablet to read professional periodicals and publications daily. DCs are also using their tablets for everything from utilizing practice software, to educating their patients, to surfing the Web.

In regard to how chiropractors are reading professional publications and periodicals, 74 percent responded that the read both online and print. Only 16 percent said they read print only.

Potential Tablet Owners

Although 37 percent of chiropractors responded they do not own a tablet, over half plan on purchasing a tablet. Of the chiropractors who do not currently own a tablet, more than 64 percent responded that they plan on purchasing a tablet "in the next month or so," "in the next year or so" or "eventually."

When asked why they do not own a tablet, 68 percent responded, "I don't need a tablet" and 26 percent said they were "too expensive." Only 6 percent of chiropractors thought that "tablets are too complicated."

Across the board, about half or more chiropractors agree that if they had a tablet, they would use it to read professional publications on a tablet, educate their patients, communicate with their patients and utilize practice software.


  1. Tablet Usage & Publication Readership. MPA Media survey, conducted Nov. 5, 2012.

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