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Head to Head: Traction Vs. Flexion/Distraction
June, 2010
Traction therapy as a primary treatment for herniated discs is well known in physical therapy and chiropractic. Motorized flexion/distraction tables are multi-purpose, adjustable treatment tables designed to apply traction and distraction forces to spinal structures with continuous passive motion.

The Art of Patient Motivation
May, 2010
You spend countless hours in school learning the art of chiropractic. You take classes in technique, diagnosis, application and philosophy. Every aspect of chiropractic skill is taught so when you have a patient under your care, they have the greatest chance of getting well.

Confidence and Conflict: Orthotics in Chiropractic Practice
May, 2010
Unlike many other products and services offered by doctors of chiropractic, a relatively small number of companies provide orthotics to the chiropractic profession in the U.S. There are actually more orthotics companies serving Canadian chiropractors than there are serving American chiropractors.

Patient Education Is Key to Consistency
May, 2010
Dynamic Chiropractic PracticeINSIGHTS asks DCs like you, for ideas and solutions that have been tested in real-world environments. In this issue we asked: What do you do in your practice to encourage your patients to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care on a regular basis?

The 6 Most Important Things a Chiropractor Must Know to Maximize Success
May, 2010
If I had only a few minutes check under the hood of your practice, here are six things I would tell you to focus on to achieve maximum results: Quit Reaching For the Stars. Use Leverage. Bottom Line, Not Bottom Feeder. Stop Worrying About New Patients. Learn the Other Tools Of Your Trade.

Build Patient Confidence With Clinical Testing
May, 2010
It's human nature to not like to be surprised. In very basic psychological terms, it will evoke a "fight or flight" response, such as if in battle.

A 7-Step Plan for Implementing Rehab in 30 Days
May, 2010
In today's age of an ever-growing body of knowledge on the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, as well as health care reform and pay-for-performance, our profession continues to evolve for the better.

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