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Therapeutica Inc Therapeutica Inc
40 Dynamic Drive Unit 3
Toronto, Ontario M1V 2W2
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If you could design the perfect cervical pillow you would want it to:

  • keep your patient perfectly aligned while back and side sleeping
  • be available in many different sizes to fit many different heads and shoulders
  • be very durable and last much longer than 5 years
  • not break your patient's bank account

Key features:

  • a cervical ridge that keeps the neck and shoulders perfectly aligned
  • a thoracic wedge which keeps the upper back and neck connected bio mechanically
  • a whiplash stabilizing head cavity
  • an anti-TMJ channel that relieves jaw pressure and pain
  • anti-snoring properties that either reduce or eliminate snoring, saving many a marriage
  • compatibility with CPAP machines
  • a specific brachial curvature that takes pressure off the brachial nerves
  • a 5 year warranty (these pillows often last 10 years or more)







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