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Therapy Innovations LLC Therapy Innovations LLC
PO Box 1757
Buellton, California 93427
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The Smart Heat System is a technologically advanced heat therapy system designed to be safer, cleaner, faster and more efficient than traditional heat therapy modalities. The system allows practitioners to select from 3 different heat settings, set at safer more appropriate temperatures reducing the need for towel layering.

The soft, flexible therapy pads come in 4 different configurations, can be disinfected and come with machine washable cloth covers. The therapy packs heat up in 20 minutes from room temperature and reheats in only 10 minutes after a typical treatment, eliminating the need to run the unit 24/7. The waterless system is cleaner and requires virtually no maintenance.

  • No Stagnant Hot Water
  • No Towel Layering
  • Efficient, Reliable, Accurate Heat Therapy

Visit our web site to learn more and explore our other great heat therapy products.