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Workplace Health Services Inc Workplace Health Services Inc
619 Lawrence Ave
Toronto, Ontario M6A1A8
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3 patented design features make all the difference:

1) The Acuball is the only HEATABLE ball in the world. Simply microwave for 60 seconds or boil for 10 minutes – generates 1 hour of deep, soothing heat.

2) Spine Align Belt - precision groove running around middle of Acuball allows users to lie back directly on their spine - opening tight spinal muscles and mobilizing tight spinal joints from low back to neck. No other product has this.

3) Finger tip shaped acupoints on Acuball make it incredibly effective at releasing tight muscles and connective tissue. Simply lie or lean back on the Acuball letting the weight of your body press into the acupoints.

The Acuball was designed By Dr. Michael A. Cohen, a respected Canadian Chiropractor and Acupuncturist.

Use pre-adjustment to loosen tight areas. Unmatched patient home care tool.

Save your hands, empower your patients, ethically boost income.