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Emerson Ecologics Emerson Ecologics
1230 Elm St #301
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
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The Confidence to Recommend the Best

Quality directly impacts a patient's health…but not all nutritional supplements are created equal. It is the stringent safety and quality standards of manufacturers that make a difference in the clinical effectiveness of supplements. A one-of-a-kind quality assurance program, the Emerson Quality Programâ�  (EQP) verifies manufacturers' quality and safety standards. You can be rest assured that brands with an EQP Partner seal have been tested through qualified labs to be free of: heavy metals, bacteria, chemical solvent residue, fungi, as well as herbicide and pesticide residue.

The goal of the EQP is not only to raise the quality bar in the industry, but most importantly, to give practitioners the information they need to confidently recommend and reliably trust the source of supplements for their patients.

And to assist in communicating the importance of quality to patients, complimentary EQP patient handouts are available.







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