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    Vivir Wearable Wellness Apparel Provides Far Infrared Heating

    New built-in technology can amplify exercise results, detoxify, relieve pain and turn everyday activities into calorie burning workouts. San Diego, CA – January 14, 2015-- Wearable Wellness, Inc. today announced VivirTM, the first wellness apparel that can power weight loss, detoxification and pain relief simply by wearing it. Employing patent-pending technology incorporated directly into the clothing, Vivir immerses your body in far infrared heat, like a wearable infrared sauna. The heat penetrates to mobilize stored fats and toxins and burn additional calories. Wearing Vivir can improve the results of exercise. And between workouts, wearing Vivir while engaged in any moderate activity like mowing the yard, vacuuming the house or walking the dog, can result in more burned calories. “The number one reason people told us they don’t exercise enough is time,” said Sandy Weisman, CEO of Wearable Wellness, Inc. “We developed Vivir to help people maximize the results of their exercise sessions and to let everyday activities do double duty as workouts. You don’t have to change your behavior, just change your clothes.” Vivir’s infrared heat penetrates to mobilize fats and toxins stored under the skin. The heating can also cause substantial sweating; your body’s natural cooling response. The mobilized fats and toxins can be eliminated as a component of the sweat as well as through the body’s natural elimination systems. The sweating process also burns calories. The safe far infrared heat (FIR) generated by Vivir is similar to the heat your own body generates to keep itself warm. For years, people have used far infrared heat, as delivered by saunas and medical devices, to lose weight, detoxify and relieve pain, often by repeatedly visiting spas, medical professionals or health clubs. Vivir’s proprietary VivaheatTM technology is integrated directly into the apparel, creating the first wearable delivering the same powerful wellness results. Just slip it on, plug in the rechargeable battery, and go. “The benefits of far infrared heat have been proven in over 30 years of clinical research,” said Allan Rozenberg, PhD., Chief Technology Officer of Wearable Wellness, Inc. and an expert in the effects of temperature change on human tissues. “Although the majority of your sweat is water, it also contains fats and toxins which are secreted from the body at a higher rate with infrared heating. While the water weight is replaced by rehydration, the fats and toxins lost, and the additional calories burned by the sweating process are not.” Ellyn Levine, M.D., a physician board certified in obesity medicine, internal medicine and wellness consultant said “I love Vivir and am interested in offering it to my patients once available as it would be a great offering in my practice.” Vivir looks and feels like workout apparel. The top and pant can be worn as outerwear or under other clothing, accommodating a variety of physical activities from weight training to Pilates, even hot yoga at home, without the heated room. Vivir can also be worn outside in freezing weather. It is washable and is manufactured in the USA. Vivir is safe to use. The unique VivaheatTM technology that powers Vivir has no heated wires and the heating level can be adjusted for activity and ambient temperature. It will operate if cut or torn and is safe even if the wearer falls asleep with Vivir at the highest setting. Included with every Vivir system are activity and nutrition plans for people at all levels of fitness as well as hydration supplements to help replace minerals and electrolytes lost as you sweat. “Infrared heat is also used to help relieve pain from a variety of ailments,” said Dr. Rozenberg, “including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoarthritis and muscle soreness.” Patent-pending Vivir will be available later this year, with prices starting at $399 for the Vivir top. A limited number of highly discounted first run units are available for pre-order through a crowd funding campaign launching later this month. For more information, and to be notified of the crowd funding campaign, visit About Wearable Wellness Wearable-Wellness, Inc. is pioneering smart, therapeutic clothing for wellness. For more information, visit The privately held company is based in San Diego, CA.

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