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    Greens First Female LLC Introduces Greens First Female Menopause as First Product of Greens First Female Product Line Focusing on Nutritional Needs of Women During all Phases of Menopause

    Boca Raton, FL., ?Nov 16, 2016: Greens First Female LLC (GFF) a company affiliated with Ceautamed Worldwide LLC and the makers of  the Greens First® brand, announced today the launch of a new line of products specifically tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of women during every phase of reproductive life with the official release of its first product of the line, Greens First Female Menopause.

    Greens First Female Menopause formula is predicated on addressing nutritional support for women during peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause and contains scientifically validated phytonutrients for non-hormonal support of symptoms associated with all phases of menopause,” said Ryan Benson, President of Greens First Female LLC.

    Endorsed by leading OB/GYN’s Greens First Female Menopause formula is designed to provide effective natural options for treating the symptoms associated with peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause that affect the health and well-being of women worldwide.

    “Seeing a trend in my own practice and hearing from my colleagues, more women are inquiring about natural options from their doctors to treat the debilitating symptoms of menopause,” said Dr. Seth Herbst, M.D., Founder of the Institute for Women’s Health and Body in West Palm Beach, Florida. “As a western trained physician, I have found that while traditional hormone therapy has helped many women, we have ignored correcting nutritional deficiencies and using functional medicine, an approach which many women prefer, and has been quite successful in my own practice.  Greens First Female Menopause utilizes premium quality organic ingredients, which are clinically proven to reduce the symptoms associated with menopause with virtually no negative ramifications.”

    The Greens First Pro® comprehensive product line is available at over 15,000 health care professional offices for more than 15 years. Greens First Pro® is enriched with 54 super foods, digestive enzymes, probiotics and more to promote an alkaline-rich environment for optimum human health. Greens First Female Menopause contains all the basic ingredients of Greens First Pro® with the addition of clinically-proven natural ingredients such as Graminex® G60®, a flower pollen extract, Royal Jelly, Moringa Leaf, Daidzein, Cnidium Monnieri and more to relieve the symptoms of menopause. Each of these ingredients has been proven to help achieve and maintain a healthy hormonal balance, reduce frequency and intensity of hot flashes, alleviate mood swings and sleep disturbances, improve libido, promote healthy bone density and more.

    “Along with the tried and true success of our parent product, Greens First Pro®, Greens First Female Menopause will bring to the health market a much-needed and affordable alternative to traditional menopausal remedies now available,” said Benson. “Female patients are searching for natural solutions to address their specific and unique health concerns and GFF is qualified and ready to provide this – with a unique line of products tailored just for them.”

    The complete line of Greens First Female is slated to include:


    GFF Original Mint


    GFF Fertility       

    GFF Pre-natal

    GFF Menopause

    GFF Green Tea Vitality enhanced with Moringa

    GFF Women’s Health Probiotic   



    Greens First Female, beginning with its Menopause Formula, is designed to provide a whole food, nutrition-based approach to women’s health. It helps women take control of their health to a higher degree than ever before. It enables them to take a holistic approach to their unique health needs and addresses wellness with a more natural approach than previously accepted protocols.

    The Greens First Female product line will be exclusively sold only through approved and licensed health care providers. To find a provider near you visit


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