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Industry News for ImaSight, Inc.

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    Biokinemetrics Launches Film-to-Digital X-ray System Exclusively for Chiropractors

    Contact: Joan Tigges
    Biokinemetrics, Inc.
    211 E 4th Street
    Carroll Iowa 51401
    Phone:  888-707-7010

    Biokinemetrics Launches Film-to-Digital X-ray System Exclusively for Chiropractors for Under Four-Thousand Dollars


    Carroll, Iowa—September 5, 2017—Biokinemetrics™, which offers the world’s only chiropractic-centric digital x-ray technology systems, has just announced the launch The ChiroSight Digitizer™, the world’s first film-to-digital X-ray system designed exclusively for chiropractors.
    “Working with practices across the country has been very enlightening,” said Dr. Steve Kraus, DC, FIACN, DIBCN, FASA, FICC, Founder and President of Biokinemetrics.  “While many have embraced the power of digital x-ray, there are many more still that want to reap the benefits but have just found it too cost-prohibitive. We’re pleased to announce that the ChiroSight Digitizer changes all of that. Our patent-pending solution will bring the power of digital x-ray to the masses, and truly help bring the profession into the digital era.”
    The ChiroSight Digitizer is the chiropractic profession’s most cost-effective option for those looking to bring the power of digital x-ray to their film-based practices! The ChiroSight Digitizer gives practices the:
         • Power of digital x-ray without incurring the expense of a retrofit or complete system
         • Ability to digitize all their existing film x-rays and store all x-rays with off-site, HIPAA-compliant backup
         • Opportunity to significantly improve patient compliance - and therefore practice profitability utilizing digital annotation software
         • Opportunity to present themselves as a modern, tech-savvy practice
    The ChiroSight Digitizer System includes the following:

         • The ChiroSight Digitizer
         • The Full ChiroSight Digital X-ray Annotation Software
         • Full Warranty for 1 Year, 3 Years, or Lifetime
         • HIPAA-Compliant, Off-site Digital X-ray Storage (Can store up to 5,000 X-rays at no additional cost)
         • Full Training, Support, and Software Upgrades for 1 Year, 3 Years, or Lifetime
    “Practices utilizing digital x-ray systems have found the most benefit in improving patient compliance, which has an immediate and direct impact on practice profitability,” added Dr. Kraus. “When you can show a patient an annotated digital x-ray, on an iPad for example, it not only makes a phenomenal impression on the patient, showing you run a modern practice, but it also gives them context into the DX. Patients are visual learners, and when they can actually see it, they have more trust in the doctor and will complete their recommended care plans. The ChiroSight Digitizer gives doctors this exact ability – and for a fraction of what it would cost for a retrofit of their film-based systems!”


    To learn more about the new ChiroSight Digitizer, visit or call 888.707.7010.


    About Biokinemetrics, Inc.
    Biokinemetrics Inc. is a US-based, chiropractic-centric technology company that is literally changing the face of the chiropractic profession by transforming modern healthcare innovations into chiropractic-specific tools and technology.


    Biokinemetrics is the only digital x-ray manufacturer:
         • To Offer a FULL Range of Systems for ANY Budget
         • To Manufacture Its Hardware and Software in the USA
         • To Guarantee a COMPLETE ROI in Two Years
         • Dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to Chiropractic
         • To Offer the Industry's LONGEST Warranty


    Visit or call 888.707.7010.

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