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    Lightweight Cork Heel Lifts

    Cork Heel Lifts - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Cork heel lifts are suitable for use in fashion shoes, and they are lightweight. These inexpensive heel lifts are made of high quality cork and covered with a soft vinyl. The edges are beveled and the front of the lift is tapered to make a smooth transition into the heel of any type shoe.

    All heel lifts are mechanical devices. Heel lifts reduce the inequality of the lower limbs following hip or knee arthroplasty. They improve lateral body asymmetry due to leg length inequality. Heel lifts also improve spinal balance, gait, and function in cases of leg length inequality.

    The use of heel lifts is a safe, non-invasive, and inexpensive alternative to methods of treatment that have proven unsatisfactory when it comes to treatment of the chronic low back pain which results from body asymmetry and leg length inequality.

    Studies have shown that approximately 75% patients with chronic low back pain have leg length inequality of 5mm or more. Other studies have revealed that there can be as much as a 75% reduction of low back, hip, and sciatic pain in the in cases of leg length inequality by placing a lift under the heel of the shorter leg.

    When heel lifts are used appropriately, the result is quicker restoration of normal contour, of muscle tone and better systemic function.

    Cork heel lifts are available in 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm.

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