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    Stay Ahead of the Competition with the PulStar

    Pulsar - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark The PulStar team of chiropractors, programmers and engineers are entering the New Year with innovations designed to keep PulStar users ahead of the competition.

    New Graphic Display
    The latest analysis display incorporates graphics that make it easier to understand- enhancing patient education.

    New Lower Force Analysis and Adjusting Capability
    Improvements in impulse head design allow a lower force to be used for analysis and adjusting. This has been found to be of great advantage with sensitive adults and children.

    Sweep Mode Adjusting
    This is a new and powerful adjusting mode that varies the impulse frequency from 2 to 60 Hertz. This mode has been found to be very effective for trigger points.

    New Patient Entry and Selection System
    A simple swipe of a magnetic card such as a driver's license or health care card creates a new patient file or automatically selects a patient for the current session.

    New Patient Positioning System
    Positioning is the key to any effective joint manipulation. The new PulStar positioning system allows precise and comfortable rotation of the entire spine facilitating a quick and more effective patient adjustment.

    Improved Patient Record
    Printing of the patient record automatically adds a description of the PulStar analysis and the doctor's and clinic's name, address and telephone number. Giving the visit record to each patient at each visit has been shown to be the most powerful practice builder ever!

    Enhanced Patient Database
    The current patient database is improved to permit faster access and the collection of patient demographics, symptomology and treatment effectiveness for research and billing.

    Look for upcoming publications in JMPT describing the history, protocols and effectiveness of the PulStar!

    See the PulStar at the Parker Seminar in Vegas January 2005!

    Contact Sense Technology for information on marketing with the PulStar, toll free 800 628 9416 or visit their website Focus the Energy!

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