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    World's Greatest Athletes Seek Kats Management for Chiropractic Care!

    The United States has a history of winning the gold medal at the Olympics in the Decathlon Event. Our past gold medalists for the USA include Dan O'Brian, Bruce Jenner, Bill Toomey, Rafer Johnson, Milt Campbell, Bob Mathias and the late legendary Jim Thorpe. Unlike some Olympic events like basketball or tennis, the athletes who prepare in track and field events like the decathlon are not highly paid professionals. These are amateur athletes that must train full time to be competitive, but have no means of support to do so.

    The way these athletes get the support they need to win the gold medal is through The World's Greatest Athletes Decathlon Club. This organization provides these athletes with the training sites, coaches, medical care and finances to get them to all of their meets. These athletes have no other way to provide it for themselves, aside from the club.

    All the past gold medalists as well as the current 2003 World Champion Decathlete, Tom Pappas firmly believe that chiropractic care is essential for keeping them healthy and preparing their bodies so that they can avoid injuries as well as be at their peak performance. For this reason, they have contacted Kats Management to provide their athletes with chiropractic care to help them accomplish their goal to "Bring Back The Gold” to the United States in Athens, Greece this August at the Olympic Games.

    "Chiropractic care plays a crucial role in preventing injuries in World Class athletes as well as amateur athletes," says Tom Pappas 2003 World Indoor Heptathlon & Outdoor Decathlon Champion who is favored to win the gold medal in 2004. That is why the World's Greatest Athletes Decathlon Team has signed an agreement through 2008 with Kats Management. Kats Management will provide their World Class Athletes preparing for the Olympics with quality chiropractic care from Kats clients. There are five training sites throughout the country where these athletes train and prepare. There are also 15 major decathlon events leading up to the Olympics which will require chiropractic care and supervision. These events include World Indoor Track & Field Champship in Hungary, Multistars Invitational Decathlon in Italy, Hypo Bank Invitational Decathlon in Austria, Decastar Decathlon in France and many stateside track and field meets. There are 40 Kats Management doctors who have been assigned as attending physicians to these training sites and to these major events which include the Olympic Trials in Sacramento, California in July.

    Chiropractic Will Get World Wide Recognition

    Kats Management has also become the lead sponsor for The World's Greatest Athletes Decathlon Club. This is important news for the chiropractic profession because of the national recognition and exposure this will give to chiropractic.

    In past years, Visa and Reebok have paid millions of dollars to have this lead sponsor position. Instead of it being The Visa Decathlon Club, it will now be known as The Chiropractic Decathlon Club. The USA has the potential to sweep the medals in Athens and they will be wearing this Chiropractic Decathlon logo. All the former gold medalists are members of this organization as well as those training and favored to win the gold medal this year. The latest update is that Dan O'Brian will also be competing for the Olympic team in Sacramento, which gives our country an even greater chance of sweeping the medals and gaining more chiropractic recognition.

    "The athletes and gold medalists thought that we would rename their organization The Kats Management Decathlon Club, but we told them our goal was to be the first to bring national recognition in a major positive way to the chiropractic profession and this is the way we can do it," stated Keith Maule, CEO of Kats Management.

    Past gold medalists along with the current athletes competing to make the Olympic team and their coaches have been appearing at the Kats Management seminars across the country. Kats Management clients have had the opportunity to have their pictures taken with them to hang in their office and to send to the media for press releases. The club has also provided written testimonials, pictures, audio and video testimonials, as well as their personal appearances so Kats Management doctors can promote chiropractic in the community with their endorsements.

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