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Industry News for Future Health Inc.

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    Future Health, Inc. Announces Free EHR/Chiropractic Practice Management Software

    Integrated Software Free For DCs, Customizable With Affordable Apps

    Des Moines, IA, june 1, 2010: Future Health, Inc. -- the nation's number one provider of chiropractic EHR/practice management software -- today unveiled its newest product for doctors of chiropractic, Future Health™ eConnect, adding that the base software is being made available free to DCs.

    According to Future Health Founder and Chairman Steven J. Kraus, DC, DIBCN, CCSP, FASA, FICC, Future Health eConnect's base software will include all the basics for EHR/practice management, including integrated documentation, EHR (electronic health records), billing, scheduler and patient education.

    Doctors of chiropractic can then choose to customize their free Future Health eConnect software by adding affordable eConnect Apps. Future Health will continually develop Apps for efficiency, specialties, techniques and EHR/ARRA certification.

    "What we've learned is that, when it comes to EHR/practice management software, one size does not fit all," said Kraus. "And while doctors do want a lot of features in their software, they don't want to sacrifice usability in order to accommodate features they may not need or even use. And new technology allows us to respond to that ... building upon the success of Future Health Virtual Office Suite™ as the leader in chiropractic software ... and creating Future Health eConnect."

    What is Future Health eConnect?

    "Future Health eConnect's base software is easy, intuitive and includes all the basics for EHR/practice management," said Future Health President Kenneth Dickerson. "Then, for doctors who want or need more functionality, we've created affordable eConnect Apps."

    Dickerson added that the Apps make it possible for doctors to truly customize their software to their practice, choosing only the functionality and features they want ... and none that they don't ... keeping the software streamlined and uncluttered by extras. "This way doctors can have as much ... or as little ... functionality as they want. And they have the power to add what they want, when they want it."

    Built with the latest technology

    "When we created Future Health eConnect, we completely started over," said Dickerson.

    "We became an official Microsoft partner and built eConnect on the latest Windows platform with the latest Microsoft tools, making the software extremely dynamic, expandable, adaptable and familiar for users. So we can quickly and easily change the software to accommodate changes ... in the law ... for security and billing issues ... in the chiropractic profession ... and even in technology itself."

    Additionally, Future Health eConnect software uses cloud technology for data storage.

    Doctors benefit from cloud technology in three ways: it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a server; it allows for fast data access; and it's easily accessible no matter where the user is, for instance at home or in the office.

    Cloud technology is a cost-effective data delivery solution that more and more companies are adopting each day. Other companies using secure cloud technology include: Amazon; Google; Microsoft; IBM; Hewlett-Packard; and Harvard Medical School to name a few.

    According to Dickerson, with Future Health eConnect, doctors will get three months of data storage and security free, and will pay only a small monthly fee thereafter based on clinic size/amount of data.

    So just how does Future Health expect to generate revenue?

    According to Future Health Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Kevin Prendergast, the most common question he hears after explaining Future Health eConnect is, "If you're giving the software away, how are you going to make money?"

    Prendergast's response? "This is a whole new way of delivering EHR/practice management software, so I understand the curiosity. We've based the Future Health eConnect model on giving access to the entire profession, which we're accomplishing by giving our base software away free. A large user base then allows us to divide all our development and programming costs across many more doctors, lowering the overall cost per doctor. The key is allowing doctors to purchase what they want, when they want it. The software will grow with their practice."

    A broader vision

    Kraus said that, in addition to affordability, he's hoping for even bigger benefits from giving Future Health eConnect's base software to DCs at no cost. "I personally want to get EHR/practice management software into the hands of as many DCs as possible, so chiropractic will be recognized as the leader in EHR among the healthcare community ... the insurance industry ... the government ... and ultimately consumers," said Kraus.

    "By doing that, we can help DCs establish chiropractic as a more modern profession, show DCs' willingness to collaborate with the healthcare community for improved patient care and demonstrate our outcomes to build credibility for the profession."

    Continued support for Future Health Virtual Office Suite

    According to Kraus, the company's flagship software -- Virtual Office Suite -- will continue to be operational and supported. "We have doctors in all 50 states and Canada using our Virtual Office Suite product daily, and we'll continue to service and support those customers," said Kraus.

    "And we're guaranteeing each of them that they'll have software that meets or exceeds any requirements set by the government, helping them qualify for up to $44,000 in government EHR incentive payments," Kraus added.

    Certification option for Future Health eConnect as well

    "DCs who choose Future Health eConnect can also qualify for up to $44,000 in government incentives by purchasing an eConnect EHR/ARRA Certification App," said Kraus. Kraus went on to say that the Certification App -- designed to help users meet meaningful use guidelines -- will be available by early 2011, allowing doctors to collect stimulus funds as soon as possible.

    Kraus added that anyone who would like to learn more or see a demo of the latest eConnect software should visit or call Toll Free 1-888-434-7347.

    Future Health, Inc. is the nation's number one provider of EHR and chiropractic practice management software. Founded in 2004 by Steven J. Kraus, DC, DIBCN, CCSP, FASA, FICC, the company now serves doctors in all 50 states and Canada, providing a totally integrated software solution for doctors of chiropractic, including: documentation; EHR (electronic health records); billing; scheduler; and patient education.

    To sign up for a no-obligation demo or reserve your copy of Future Health eConnect, visit or call Toll Free 1-888-434-7347. Installation and training are on a first come, first served basis.

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