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    NanoNews and Specials

    Dr. John H. Maher, DCCN, FAAIM, Editor

    • In Your Mail! NEW NanOmega3, Golden Flax, Vegan DHA & Synergistic Vitamins samples on the way!
    • New edition of the "SuperFood Solution™ User's Guide" now posted on-line.
    • May Introductory Special: $36.38 worth of Free Promotional Materials with your first NanOmega3 order!
    • Stemviva Vascular Pak - Complete Mega Nutrition Made Easy!
    • NanoSorb®: BioPharma Scientific's patented delivery system

     For a four color, 24 printable online version see URL:

    For a four color 2 page printable online version for your patients see

    In Your Mail! NEW NanOmega3, Golden Flax, Vegan DHA & Synergistic Vitamins samples on the way!
    You should receive your FREE Taste Test SAMPLE of new NanOmega3 in the mail this month. New NanOmega3 is great tasting and easy mixing. Each 12 gm serving will supply 1,100 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, 100 mg vegan DHA, 2.5+ gm of fiber, 100% DV Vit. E & D3 plus vitamins B6, B9 (folate) & B12. And it tastes great mixed with NanoGreens10 and/or NanoProPRP! To learn more now see:

    New SuperFood Solution™ User's Guide now posted on-line!
    We have updated the "SuperFood Solution™" booklet to include the new NanOmega3 and the Stemviva line. Therein is shared dozens of healthy and delicious ways to use these products. Now BioPharma truly provides you, your practice and your patients with a "SuperFood Solution: Lifelong Wellness Made Easy!™" Easy for you and your staff to implement, easy for your patients to follow and easy for your patients to share with their family and friends. Free SuperFood Solution™ booklets come with every order. To see the latest version go to:

    May Introductory Special:
    Buy 1/2 case of New NanOmega3: Golden Flax, Vegan DHA & Synergistic Vitamins and get a promotional starter kit worth $36.38, FREE! Your kit includes: 12 NanOmega3 travel packs and 12 brochures, 12 "SuperFood Solution™ User's Guides", 25 shaker cups, 1 NanOmega3 white paper and unlimited "getting started" consultations for you and your staff.

    Stemviva Vascular Pak - Complete Mega Nutrition Made Easy!
    For those looking for mega-vitamin supplementation to go with NanoGreens10, NanoProPRP and new NanOmega3, we suggest for your consideration one pak a day of the new Stemviva Vascular Pak, as it provides extra calcium and magnesium plus L-Carnitine. (BioPharma Scientific manufactures the Stemviva line of mega-vitamin/mineral nutraceutical paks for medical doctors providing autologenous* stem cell therapy through Stemedica ( These NEW Stemviva Neuro, Vascular and Vision Paks each consist of six or seven different supplements, taken once or twice a day. The 7-9 soft-gels and capsules are packaged together as one AM and/or one PM dose for both ease of prescription by the health professional and ease of compliance by the patient / client. To learn more see (* not embryonic stem cells, but taken from one's own body.)

    NanoSorb®: BioPharma Scientific's patented liposome delivery system enhances bioavailability
    NanoSorb® is BioPharma Scientific's trademark for its patented delivery system proven to significantly enhance bioavailability. NanoSorb® mimics your body's own strategy in creating sub-micron sized liposomes as carriers for otherwise poorly soluble, and therefore poorly absorbed, nutrients. Liposomes, "fat bodies" in Greek, have been known within the scientific community for decades. Indeed, the normal human digestion of fats and fat soluble nutrients includes our own bodies making these nutrients absorbable (bioavailable) by encapsulating them in liposomes (150 nm) or emulsifying them in even smaller mycelles (<50 nm). Since the mid-1960's, liposomes have been employed as safe and effective carriers of biologically active ingredients to target specific sites of action.

    None of the above statements have been evaluated by the FDA. BioPharma Products are not intended to prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease. To be removed, please fax back this document with the word "remove" and your name and FAX number.

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