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Industry News for Str8-n-Up

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    Str8-n-Up: The Simple Solution To Slouching and Stress

    HOUSTON, TX (April 9, 2012) – As technology (laptops, computers, video games) is more than ever a part of our lives, our overall form is compromised. Both the mind and the body are put under unprecedented amounts of pressure every day.

    Str8-n-Up - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Str8-n-Up is a newly designed support that makes use of physics, conditioning, and spandex to help create the simple solution to slouching and stress.

    It's not a brace nor a medical device. It doesn't look or feel like an undergarment.

    It's simple, gentle and stylish. Its bands conform and cup the user's shoulders, gently pulling the neck and shoulder muscles down and back. The bands' tension can be adjusted by a simple twist.

    Str8-n-Up is growing quickly in the chiropractic market. Doctors, physical therapists and their patients are falling in love with the product. "Str8-n-Up has become a great tool in the office for patients with neck and shoulder pain and it is becoming standard that every patient use one to help get the results they want and for overall maintenance,” says Dr. Patrick McBrearty of McBrearty Family & Sport Chiropractic (Canton, OH). Texas Journal of Chiropractic featured Str8-n-Up as an accessory to assist and retrain the muscles of the upper back, chest, shoulder girdle and neck to relax and realign. "Str8-n-Up trains your body to have the proper posture that it should have,” says Dr. Sarah Harrill of City Center Chiropractic (Houston, TX). Erica Wessell an LMT, PTA (Painted Post, NY) says "The Str8-n-Up is very easy to use, and the stretch is very subtle, yet effective. After 30 minutes, I feel my chest is more open, my posture has improved, and I have less pain and tightness overall in my rhomboids and upper traps."

    Best of all, Str8-n-Up only needs to be worn up to 30 minutes at a time. Just half an hour a day, and users will feel a dramatic difference. It's based on body and muscle memory, and automatically conditions the user on what proper form should look and feel like. It's a perfect tool for office workers, video gamers, fitness enthusiasts, travelers/commuters and anyone needing to relax from a stressful day.

    Think of it like preventative medicine. Just 30 minutes a day keeps the slouching away.


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