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Dynamic Chiropractic – October 7, 1996, Vol. 14, Issue 21

Two DCs and a Chiropractic Advocate Seek Support in Political Races

By Editorial Staff
Three candidates, Republican Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, DC, (Texas House of Representatives), Republican Rosemary Kaszans, DC (Congress, Georgia), and Democrat Charlotte Pritt (governor, West Virginia), are on the campaign trail, and, like all candidates, they need your financial support to effectively campaign.

Lone Star State Candidate

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, DC.

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, DC, a 1985 graduate of Texas Chiropractic College, and owner of Cove Chiropractic Clinic, is leading the race for the Texas House of Representatives, District 54. She is running as a Republican to replace the incumbent Democrat who resigned.

Suzanna, 36, is an advocate of the right of private citizens to carry concealed weapons, a popular stand in the Lone Star State. Suzanna was at Luby's Cafeteria in Kileen, Texas on October 16, 1991 with her parents Al and Ursula Gratia when Austin resident Georges Hennard drove his pickup truck through the cafeteria's front window. Hennard shot and killed 23 people, including Suzanna's parents, and then himself. Connie Peterson-Miller, DC, was also killed (see Dec. 6, 1991 DC).

Dr. Gratia-Hupp campaign platform focuses on fiscal responsibility, a school voucher program, and insuring the rights of crime victims, rather than those of criminals.

"The chiropractic community of Texas is working hard to ensure her victory," said Craig Benton, of the Texas Chiropractic Association. "Any help from individuals outside of Texas would be appreciated," Craig added.

For more information on Dr. Gratia-Hupp's campaign, call 1-800-556-9211, or make contributions to:

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp
For Texas House of Reps., District 54
P.O. Box 273
Kempner, TX 76539
(512) 556-2436

Georgia on Her Mind

Rosemary Kaszans, DC, a candidate for Congress from Georgia.

In the Sept. 1, 1996 issue, we showed President Clinton and Vice- President Al Gore welcoming Life graduate, Rosemary Kaszans, DC, to the Oval Office.

If you'd like to help support her candidacy, donations may be to:

Dr. Rosemary Kaszans for Congress
P.O. Box 1000
Brunswick, GE 31521

A Chiropractic Family for the West Virginia Governor's Mansion?

Charlotte Pritt, the democratic gubernatorial candidate in West Virginia: "I have long been a consumer of chiropractic care, ..."

Our July 1, 1996 edition featured an interview with the Charlotte Pritt, a chiropractic advocate who seeks the governor's office in West Virginia. Charlotte's husband is a chiropractor and secretary/treasurer of the West Virginia Chiropractic Society. The executive director of that society, Nelson Robinson Jr., informs us that while they were delighted with DC's coverage of her candidacy, contributions from DCs outside of West Virginia have totaled only $275. For Charlotte to succeed, Mr. Robinson estimates she needs to raise two million dollars. A recent poll shows the race is a deadheat.

"Charlotte is a hard worker, and I feel she will be an asset to the chiropractic profession in our efforts in Washington," said Mr. Robinson.

Checks may be sent to:

Pritt for Governor
% West Virginia Chiropractic Society
2210 Washington St.
East Charleston, WV 25311

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