2244 CCF Meets in Davenport on Founder's Day
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Dynamic Chiropractic – October 22, 1993, Vol. 11, Issue 22

CCF Meets in Davenport on Founder's Day

By Editorial Staff
The Chiropractic Centennial Foundation (CCF) hosted a meeting of all organizations and colleges, Sept. 18th in Davenport, Iowa. Over 75 representatives from the chiropractic colleges and national, state, and regional associations attended.

Continuing education credits, registration fees, plans for a chiropractic float in the 1995 Rose Bowl Parade, sponsorship updates, fundraising goals, and proposals for entertainment were all discussed.


Registration Fees Announced

The costs of attending the Grand Celebration in Washington D.C., July 5-9, 1995, and in Davenport, September 13-17 are as follows:

Early registration: by Oct. 31, 1994 $295 -- one location $545 -- both locations

Registration: by May 31, 1995 $395 -- one location $645 -- both locations

Registration: after June 1, 1995 $495 -- one location $745 -- both locations


Corporate and Individual Sponsors Show Support for Grand Celebration

Visual Odyssey, Inc., of Temple, Georgia, and J.A. Preston Corp., of Jackson, Michigan, are the most recent corporate sponsors of the CCF, each donating $1,000.

"$1.1 million has been raised so far," said Rick Flaherty, chairman of the sponsorships and donations subcommittee of the CCF. Mr. Flaherty revealed another $100,000 in commitments from various sponsors, and predicted an additional $400,000 in corporate sponsors by year's end.

Individual sponsorships are gaining momentum as well. "Doctors will be receiving their individual DC sponsorship brochures this fall," said Dr. Holmberg. Sponsorship brochures have gone out to 50,000 DCs. To date, the CCF has receive 42 individual sponsorships.

There are six levels of DC sponsorships, from the $25,000 Elite Club Super Sponsor level, to the $500 Ruby Club Sponsor. All sponsors will receive a "special package of compliments" based on sponsorship level.

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