2273 Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Committee Forges Ahead
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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 3, 1993, Vol. 11, Issue 25

Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Committee Forges Ahead

By Editorial Staff
On September 18th, the Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Committee (ASCC), a group whose primary objective is to create the opportunity for chiropractors to treat athletes at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, held its third quarter meeting.

Mr. Jose Rodriquez, director of Sports Planning, Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG), explained the organizational framework of the Committee, and shared some of his positive experiences working with DCs at past athletic events. Mr. Rodriquez has also been instrumental in educating the Medical Planning Committee about the benefits of alternative health care providers at the Olympics.

The ASCC has also been developing a relationship with the Atlanta Paralympic Organizing Committee (APOC). Dr. Roger Neppl, APOC chief operating officer, and Mr. Emil Bunek, APOC vice president of Operations and Services, presented the ASCC with an opportunity to assist with Disabled Sports Organizations (DSO), and the 1996 Paralympic Games. As part of the Paralympic/ASCC agreement, chiropractors will be given the opportunity to work with athletes professionally as well as volunteer for other aspects of this world-class event. To foster this relationship well beyond 1996, the ASCC has agreed to develop and conduct an International Sports Health & Rehabilitation Symposium in Atlanta prior to the Paralympic Games. Any profits will be distributed to the Paralympic Committee for use in further development of the United States Disabled Sports Team.

Other developments announced at the ASCC meeting:

  • Dr. Rick Statler outlined his progress with the educational program to enhance chiropractic knowledge of disabled athletes and their sports. There are expected to be three programs in 1994, with the initial program in February. Two other seminars will be in conjunction with the ACA and the ICA, perhaps as a part of their annual convention.


  • Dr. Pam Putnam reported that the Travel to Treat Committee has joined with the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) to develop legislation and/or rules and regulation changes to enable interstate participation. Dr. Meredith Bakke outlined the FCLB function and how it can support Travel to Treat. Dr. Putnam called for funding, estimating that the cost for development for legal and clerical expenses will be approximately $10,000.


  • Dr. Richard Rosekoetter was appointed to chair a committee designed to accumulate a pool of doctors who are interested and qualified for participation. Once the pool has been established, a selection committee will be formed of non-participating doctors to review and choose those qualified to be passed on to the Credentialing Committee for placement into the various positions available.


  • Dr. Deloss Brubaker reported to the Committee that his group has completed an outline of criteria for the selection of doctors to work at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Editor's note: For further inquiry, contact Suzanne Bisset, DC, of the Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Committee: (404) 564-0206.

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