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Dynamic Chiropractic – December 1, 2013, Vol. 31, Issue 23

Sports Media Legend Joins the TIPS Team

Ed Goren, former vice chair of Fox Sports, consulting with Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

By Editorial Staff

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress developed "Athletic TIPS" (Towards Injury Prevention in Sports) in an effort to address the growing concern of sports injuries.

The TIPS program focuses on the recognition, treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries, as well as general health and performance enhancement. A significant part of the program includes workshops and resources for student and amateur athletes, their coaches and parents. In 2014, TIPS will begin to offer certification courses to train DCs and other health care providers on conducting these workshops.

As part of its effort to make the TIPS program a success, the foundation has asked Ed Goren, former vice chairman of Fox Sports Media Group, to help introduce the program within the major sports markets. Ed was a producer with Fox Sports for 18 years after almost two decades with CBS Sports. During his career, Ed has won an amazing 47 Emmy awards and produced telecasts in virtually every major sport.

In an exclusive interview (in the midst of working on the World Series), Ed explained what he likes about the TIPS program and why he has joined the team:

"What I like about [TIPS] is that it's grassroots. It encompasses all of the elements: it's the young athletes, it's their parents, it's the coaches, trainers; and it's a hands-on program that really is just the right message, the right program, and certainly at the right time.

"I'm retired from full-time at FOX, [although] I'm still consulting with FOX and several other companies; but I'm also doing some charity work and [TIPS] was just different than anything I've ever been involved with. It's something that is very important at this time.

"I've always believed as a kid – I was a schoolyard rat, a gym rat, played various sports – I think that kids playing sports provides a life lesson; you learn how to lose, you learn how to win, you learn how to be a good teammate ... you learn how to be a leader. So I think it's important to play sports.

"What has happened with sports injuries [is that] there's been a bit of a pullback, and understandably so, from parents. But I think programs like TIPS can really bridge that gap and educate – maybe make parents more comfortable with their children playing sports. So again, the right spot, the right program at the right time; something I'm very excited about being a small part of."

Ed joined the TIPS team to create awareness of the program in the major professional sports markets: "After all these years, I've built up a lot of friendships in various leagues, and that [goes] from owners of teams to commissioners to former players and some current players, and coaches, for that matter. ... What I'm hoping to see is leagues embrace the program, along with current and former athletes / players."

Ed also knows the value of chiropractic care as it relates to the needs of athletes: "As I may have said, as a kid I was a schoolyard rat and a gym rat, and at some point along the way, I had firsthand experience with a chiropractor. I stepped off a street corner and for several days, I was literally having back spasms and couldn't come close to standing up straight, standing up naturally. ... After several days of pain, a friend of mine suggested I visit his chiropractor. I did. [After one day], I walked out of the office with no pain, [and] a day later I was playing golf. So my one experience was very impressive."

The addition of Ed Goren to the TIPS team takes the program to new heights. Ed will provide guidance and exposure at a level that has never been enjoyed. When asked what doctors of chiropractic should be doing to help make the TIPS program successful, Ed noted: "You know, we're sort of on the ground floor right now; we're just starting out, and there's plenty of time to [jump on] the bandwagon. But really, the best thing that can come from the (chiropractic) community is supporting the TIPS organization."

To learn more about TIPS or become a member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress please contact Gary Cuneo 703-868-2420 or Lauren Kennedy at 201-641-1911, ext. 14, for more details; or visit the foundation website:

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