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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 1, 2022, Vol. 40, Issue 05

News in Brief

By Editorial Staff

Presidential Transition Begins at Sherman College

With Sherman College President Dr. Edwin Cordero completing his contract on Dec. 31, 2022, he and the Sherman College Board of Regents have initiated a presidential leadership transition process.

The board is in the process of creating an "expansive search committee" that will help find the college's sixth president as it approaches its 50-year anniversary in 2023.

"Sherman College holds a special place in my heart, and I am incredibly proud to have served as its president for the last decade," said Dr. Cordero. "I have always felt that service is a blessing, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity this role has provided to positively impact Sherman College, chiropractic education, and the profession as a whole."

ACA Elections and Annual Awards

The American Chiropractic Association's recently elected leadership team includes Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, PhD, re-elected as association president; and Leo Bronston, DC, MAppSc, new vice president (replacing Dr. Kathy Boulet, ending her board term). Eric Benson, DC, FIAMA, FICC, was elected as a new board member, while Robert C. Jones, DC, APC, Steven C. Roberts, JD, LLM, and Michael Martin, DC continue their service on the board.

Elections took place during the ACA's annual meeting, which also featured a spate of annual awards recognizing "chiropractors and other individuals for their exceptional service, achievement and/or leadership within the chiropractic profession": Chiropractor of the Year: Susan Wenberg, DC, MS; Humanitarian of the Year: Keith Overland, DC; Academician of the Year: Nakiesha Pearson, DC; George B. McClelland Researcher of the Year: Stacie Salsbury, PhD, RN; Delegate of the Year: David Dziura, DC, FACO, DACBOH; Alternate Delegate of the Year: Lewis Squires, DC, FICC, FPA; and Flynn-Lynch Award winner (recognizing a House of Delegates member with five years or fewer of HOD experience): Brendan McCann, DC.

Life U. Professor Re-Elected to Georgia Chiropractic Board

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recently reappointed Dr. Andrew Krantz as president of the Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners. With the appointment, Dr. Krantz, Life University senior professor of clinical sciences and 1978 Life graduate, will preside over the six-member board for a third year.

NCMIC, Foot Levelers Partner With F4CP To Help New Graduates

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has announced a new collaboration with NCMIC and Foot Levelers, both longtime F4CP supporters, to produce a New Graduate Practitioner Toolkit. The toolkit, designed by the foundation with the financial support of NCMIC and Foot Levelers, "will be distributed to the partnering chiropractic colleges to be given to their graduating students."

"We are thrilled to collaborate with the Foundation on a project that supports chiropractic students," said Mike McCoy, NCMIC CEO. "Upon entering the profession, there is nothing more important than having quality resources and access to an abundance of materials that will help these graduates achieve success."

Added Foot Levelers CEO Kent Greenawalt: "When given the opportunity to support graduating students who are on their way to becoming practicing doctors, we could not be happier to help."

Life University Donates Desks

Earlier this year, Life University donated school desks to support Family Connection and Communities in Schools of Glascock County (FCCIS-GC), a local afterschool program designed "to bridge the gap of unrealized possibilities and unfulfilled potential by uniting our community, connecting resources, and providing support to ensure the success of all children and families."

Life University, which provided the 50 desks in partnership with Communities in Schools of Georgia (CISGA, "the state's leading organization providing drop-out prevention") and Home Depot, became a financial supporter of CISGA last year. CISGA accepted the donation and selected FCCIS-GC as the best partner recipient; Home Depot provided transportation and packing materials.

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