4396 Life West Announces Second Campus
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Dynamic Chiropractic – May 1, 2023, Vol. 41, Issue 05

Life West Announces Second Campus

By Editorial Staff

Life Chiropractic College West has announced that this fall, the inaugural class of students will begin pursuit of their doctor of chiropractic degree at a second campus at Bellevue University in Bellevue, Neb. The DC curriculum offered at the Bellevue campus, located in the Omaha metropolitan area, will be identical to that offered at Life West's Hayward, Calif., campus.

"We know that increasing the population of chiropractic doctors creates the potential to transform lives and communities, and by expanding our reach and providing more students with greater access to chiropractic education, we are helping to ensure that the future of chiropractic is brighter than ever," enthused Dr. Ron Oberstein, president of Life West, in a press release from Life West following the Nebraska Post-Secondary Coordinating Commission's approval of the college's application to offer the DC degree in Nebraska.

Life West - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark "This relationship allows Bellevue University to provide students in the region with educational choices that simply weren't available to them previously," added Bellevue University President, Dr. Mary Hawkins. "Individual learners and communities across the country will benefit thanks to Life Chiropractic College West's presence in the Midwest."

According to Life West, in addition to a dedicated building (see photo) that will feature classrooms, library, student center and more, chiropractic students will also have access to various shared student services on the Bellevue campus. The Life West Bellevue Health Clinic is also scheduled to open this summer.

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