About the Columnist

BS, MPH, University of Illinois Medical Center
DC, Cleveland College of Chiropractic

Faculty member of the Southern California University of Health Sciences

Dr. Baird has played a pivotal role in establishing the Chiropractic Health Care section within the American Public Health Association. There are 25 sections within APHA, but it took a good 16 years of effort before the governing council of the APHA in November 1995 voted to establish a "Chiropractic Health Care" (CHC) section. He is currently a member of the section councilors of the CHC

The APHA, established in 1872, is the oldest and largest organization of public health professionals in the world, representing more than 50,000 members from over 50 public health occupations. Dr. Baird’s column reports on the activities of chiropractic in the APHA.

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