About the Columnist

Nancy Martin-Molina, a doctor of chiropractic, qualified medical examiner, independent disability evaluator and certified chiropractic sports practitioner, has worked as a paramedic lead, forensic pathologist assistant, deputy coroner, and clinical instructor within her two-plus decades of service. Her extensive training took her to facilities such as Caesar's Palace and the Las Vegas Convention Center as an EMS Trauma Coordinator, and later, to the Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site at Los Alamos, New Mexico, where she obtained a Queen's Federal Clearance Classification in order to oversee their paramedic unit.

Within the field of forensics, Dr. Martin-Molina worked as the forensic pathologist assistant to Sheldon Green, an associate chief medical examiner in Las Vegas, Nev. Later she became Deputy Coroner to the chief medical examiner there. She also performed analyses for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, as well as the Nevada Superior Court Justice System.

In the 1990s, Dr. Molina worked as both a clinical instructor for the legal profession and as a chiropractic and nutritional research consultant.

Dr. Molina's published work includes "First Teaching Conference of Clinical Case Management and Homeopathy," "Whiplash - Soft tissue Injuries Often Overlooked," an audio production, and her case reports, including "Spondylolisthesis with Spinal Stenosis"; "Lumbar Scoliosis with Pelvic Obliquity"; and "Traumatic Schmorl's Nodes."

Dr. Molina, an Alaskan native, currently practices in San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

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