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May, 2015

Face Off: Practice Software

By DCPI Staff

Face Off offers you the opportunity to learn more about products / services you may be considering for your practice side-by-side so you can make an informed purchasing decision. This month's product category is practice software.

This Month's Questions

  1. What makes your product unique?
  2. What are some of the major features?
  3. Why should DCs purchase your product?
  4. How is your product priced?

VitaLogics - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark VitaLogics
Years Active: 5

1. VitaLogics is a unique practice-management software for chiropractors because it transcends the narrow software focus of clinical documentation and permeates the realm of marketing, business development and analytic reporting, creating a recipe for ultra success in practice.

The framework of the software is built on the most advanced cloud-based platform, enabling continued modular expansion to meet the needs of the successful chiropractor for decades to come.

2. VitaLogics features S.O.A.P., billing, practice diagnostic analytics, integrated email campaigns, real-time text and email reminders, credit-card processing integration and more, all built within the parameters of an easy user interface and minimal clicks-to-action to save time and decrease the learning curve to perfect your utilization of the system.

3. Chiropractors should purchase VitaLogics for three distinct reasons. It's one of the best user interfaces in the industry, it is created by chiropractors for chiropractors, and it is a software with a higher purpose. VitaLogics has one of the largest research databases being used to publish large-scale, practice-based research to prove the efficacy of the chiropractic profession. Our focus on research displays our commitment to the chiropractor, the chiropractic patient and the chiropractic principles.

4. VitaLogics has one of the lowest financial barriers to entry. For only $199 a month (after the initial set-up fee), you can get into a practice-management system that has the capacity to serve you from your grand opening to your retirement party. VitaLogics will make the decision easy with no long-term contracts and no large up-front costs. We earn your business on a month-to-month basis. Let us show you our value.

Genesis Chiropractic Software - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Genesis Chiropractic Software
Years Active: 10

1. Genesis Chiropractic Software is the only system that uses the cloud for quantifiable improvements in revenue, retention and compliance. It was designed by chiropractic business owners with both patient experience and practice profitability in mind. Genesis is unique in seven ways:

  1. Money-Back Guarantee: Love it and see results or get your money back.
  2. Optional Integrated Billing Service.
  3. Largest Cloud-Based User Network: Built for practices from single providers through major franchises the world over and spanning 2,500-plus practice years of management experience.
  4. Fastest Compliant Documentation: Under five seconds per daily note.
  5. Top Billing Performance: By automating insurance claims processing and leveraging 2.5 million-plus billing rules.
  6. Exclusive Staff Management Tool: fosters staff teamwork, supports every role in a chiropractic practice, and reduces administrative overhead.
  7. Best-In-Class Integrations: rich array of products for compliance, patient marketing, patient education, patient credit-card processing, point-of-sale service, and more.

2. Major features:

  • Workflow management
  • Documentation & billing
  • Scheduling
  • ONC certified – both Stage 1 and Stage 2

3. Six-month averages: 62 percent revenue increase, 26 percent retention increase, 32 percent compliance increase, 33 percent time saved per day. Both ownership and leasing models available.

4. Ownership: $25,000 license (transferable); financing available. Leasing: $500-$2,000 down payment; $90-$500 monthly maintenance; optional billing service: 5-8 percent of collections.

EON Systems - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark EON Systems
Years Active: 27

1. EON Systems' The Digital Office™ takes billing, scheduling, documentation and document storage and combines them into a seamless, fully integrated office software solution that is extremely powerful and easy to use.

The Digital Office is unique in that it was engineered to follow the exact workflow of a modern office. Each step of the software literally follows the real-life progress of the patient through their visit. This greatly enhances both the efficiency of the software and the efficiency of your office.

2. Key features include a fully integrated appointment book; patient dashboard, text and email reminders; electronic and paper billing; electronic reimbursements; ICD-10 compliance; Insurance Follow-Up Center; Statistics Center; integrated credit-card processing; accounts receivable management; personalized documentation that writes what you want; home exercise programs; digital X-rays and MRIs in native DICOM format; electronic document storage; and all with unmatched customizability so the software works the way you want it to. It is even Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified for those interested.

3. The Digital Office will help you increase your speed of service, reduce backlogs, improve administrative efficiency and provide management tools for every aspect of a practice. It will meet the needs of everyone including the single provider, multi-provider, multi-business, multi-site and even the complications of a multi-disciplinary clinic.

4. Pricing for The Digital Office is based upon the components and options you choose and can start as low as $1,200. This means you will receive the quality software you need at an affordable price. Call (800) 955-6448 for more information on how The Digital Office can enhance your office experience.

ChiroTouch - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark ChiroTouch
Years Active: 12

1. ChiroTouch doesn't just offer the best of both worlds – it offers the best of all worlds. ChiroTouch provides comprehensive software and services, industry-leading support, training, and expertise to partner with practices of every type – whether a practice is just starting out or has multiple locations seeing hundreds of patients a week. Practices love the ease-of-use and the massive and multiple levels of support they receive.

We truly partner with chiropractors across the country to help them automate operations, improve patient care and increase profitability.

2. While other software packages will list standard features, none can provide the level of services and features ChiroTouch provides: Full iPad integration, a cross-platform, patient-facing mobile app doctors can customize, automated appointment reminders, a provider all-in-one screen, and data dashboards that inform the doctor as to the health of their practice.

3. A recent, random review of more than 500 practices using ChiroTouch revealed that practices grew their revenues by an average of 56 percent quarter over quarter from 2013 to 2014. Other software companies talk about how their systems improve practice growth, but only ChiroTouch can prove it. That doesn't just say a lot; that says it all.

4. The price and terms are dependent on which software a practice chooses and how they wish to invest. Doctors have often commented on how flexible and easy it is to adopt in their practice with flexible payment terms. For more information, contact Nino Limatola at .

NowMD - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Inborne Technology
Years Active: 15

1. On our NowMD health care billing software, the Patient Overview is one screen that shows patient information, account notes, account alerts, all services rendered to the patient, related family members, accounting details, appointments and more.

The Billing Center is an innovative feature that lists all insurance claims and statements with a remaining balance, the age of the balance, and facilitates follow-up on past-due billing. Unpaid services can't be lost or ignored.

2. Major features:

  • Prints the new 02-12 1500 insurance claim form, is ready for ANSI 5010 electronic claim submission, auto-posts electronic EOBs from electronic claims, and supports ICD-10 diagnosis codes.
  • Complete multi-resource appointment scheduler available separately.
  • Imports Medisoft data for an easy software transition. (Medisoft is a product of McKesson.)

3. NowMD software is designed to be able to be installed and maintained by a health care practice. Telephone technical support is available, as are independent NowMD dealers who can provide hardware, networking and training services. NowMD is fast, reliable client / server software designed to run on office networks. There are no monthly fees, no required expensive upgrade purchases and no maintenance fees.

4. NowMD billing software: $349 per computer. Advanced Scheduling: $199 (runs on all licensed NowMD computers). Electronic claim software included for HeW Clearinghouse; other clearinghouses supported with a Universal 837 claims module ($399; runs on all licensed NowMD computers).

MicroFour - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark MicroFour
Years Active: 26

1. Chiropractors use our software to increase production, reduce overhead, and increase billing collections by streamlining patient flow while quickly and thoroughly documenting patient care using our exclusive chiropractic data set. Concentrate on patient care rather than the drudgery of paperwork, and create a more thorough record in a shorter amount of time.

2. Our software was an industry first, featuring a complete billing system integrated with a complete electronic health record designed specifically for chiropractors. Features include appointment scheduling, reminders, insurance verifications, billing and collections, certified complete EHR, and management reporting.

Claims scrubbing and submission with the ability to receive ERAs saves the office staff time and decreases errors. The DataVault feature helps remove the daily backup grind and gives you the peace of mind that your data is encrypted, backed up, secure, and meets the HIPAA Backup, Recovery, and Contingency Plan requirements.

3. If you want a partner that helps you meet the demands of today's tough standards, then you need PracticeStudio and the company that stands behind it. We are here to serve you with unlimited technical support, ongoing education and nonstop product development.

4. We have removed the barriers so everyone can afford to implement the PracticeStudio software. No large capital outlays are needed. There is just a one-time implementation and setup fee as low as $495, and a monthly fee as low as $199.

In this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, you have all of the power. You can quit at any time with a 30-day written notice of cancellation. We do this to prove to you that PracticeStudio is the best software in the industry.

PayDC - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark PayDC
Years Active: 9

1. PayDC is the only web-based chiropractic software developed by a team of fellow DCs, billing and coding professionals, and insurance auditors to provide you with a certified EHR solution for easily managing all aspects of practice.

2. Major features:

  • Cloud-Based: Work from anywhere! Access securely anytime and anyplace, with no additional user or terminal fees. Patients can log in from home, complete health history and other demographic information, and the PayDC system updates in real time.
  • Intuitive, Easy to Learn / Use! Preloaded settings and templates save time. Complete a typical note in 60 seconds!
  • Time-Saving, Compliant Care Plan Wizard. Generate daily notes fast as you complete your exam. Care plans based on federal law to ensure compliant documentation. Each service date is auto-matically guided by the plan, producing accurate notes.
  • New Integrated Billing Module. Get paid faster! Submit to insurers in real time with 99 percent claim acceptance and real-time auto-posting.
  • Real-Time Claim Status. Check status instantly (including remittance) w/o calling the carrier.
  • Integrated Insurance Eligibility. Verify the patient's coverage and estimate out-of-pocket costs in seconds!
  • Historical Payment Data Tracker. PayDC tracks payer reimbursement rates so you can forecast revenue and better manage accounts receivable.

3. PayDC includes value-added features specifically requested by chiropractors to help you focus more on your patients and less on time-consuming paperwork.

4. PayDC is affordable and easy to expand! Pricing starts at just $149 per month with no up-front hardware expenses, unlimited users and all updates included! Customer service, tech support, clearinghouse and comprehensive training are also included.

Atlas Chiropractic System - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Atlas Chiropractic System
Years Active: 10

1. Atlas Chiropractic System is a complete EHR solution being used by chiropractors worldwide. Atlas serves chiropractors with every type of style, practice and philosophy, which makes us unique. It was designed from the inside out to meet various chiropractic office needs.

2. The system includes Sign In, Touch-Screen Notes, X-Ray Analysis, Scheduling, Electronic Billing and Reconciliation, Marketing Analysis, Patient Education Videos, Articles, Care Plans, Merchant Services and much more. The innovative screens are designed from 40 years of computer-design experience and input from our users.

You can read a more complete laundry list of features at the Atlas website,; or better yet, sign up for a custom online tour of Atlas today.

3. Over the past 10 years, we have taken input from all our clinics to develop one of the most customizable software solutions on the market. We don't all practice the same, so why should we manage our office the same? That question has helped us develop features that are unique to various styles of practice. These features have been developed with individual clinics in mind, and once proven successful, have been made available to all our users.

You benefit from chiropractic coaches' input and from some of the most successful chiropractic offices, from Australia and Hawaii to Africa and everywhere in between. Atlas is easy to set up and will meet your individual needs, from pay per service to health investment plans, to PI and insurance.

4. Our pricing is designed to fit the graduating student just opening a clinic to large multidisciplinary clinics. Find out how Atlas can help you save money and become overhead liberated.

E-Z BIS Office - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark E-Z BIS
Years Active: 35

1. E-Z BIS Office is a uniquely designed software package for chiropractic practice management. Unlike all other programs available today, E-Z BIS Office is modular in design. This means you can choose the combination of features that best fits the needs of your practice.

The complete E-Z BIS Office unites the powerful E-Z BIS Basic Billing System with the Front Desk module for appointment scheduling; the Collection Desk module for advanced accounting tools; and certified Electronic Health Records. We also offer a patient self-check-in module for the waiting room.

2. E-Z BIS offers too many beneficial features to list here, but a few include fully automated billing; built-in credit-card processing; auto-posting of insurance payments; appointment reminder system; certified electronic health records; Internet patient portal; inventory control system; digital sign-in sheet; waiting-room patient self-check-in; and especially important at this time: ICD-10 ready, with ICD-9 conversion tools.

3. Not only does E-Z BIS provide comprehensive, easy-to-use chiropractic software, but we back it up with top-notch customer service and support. Representatives are always on hand to answer questions and solve problems. And with more experience in the chiropractic software industry than any other vendor and with our own team of software programmers, we know what it takes to create high-quality software that just works.

4. With a modular design, doctors can choose the set of features that best meets the needs of the practice. Because of this, the pricing is variable, but starts as low as $1,195. We offer payment plans with our own in-house financing. We also have a cloud-based monthly subscription for doctors who prefer this over a traditional software license.

ECLIPSE - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark MPN Software Systems
Years Active: 30

1. In 2014, the developers of ECLIPSE (Karen Walters, DC, and Mike Norworth) were honored by the Board of Trustees of the American College of Chiropractors and inducted as Fellows. These honorary degrees recognized their decades-long contributions to the chiropractic profession via a wide-ranging series of software innovations; along with their ongoing roles in an educational and advisory capacity to chiropractors across the United States.

Today, the tradition continues with the introduction of exclusive features such as Real-Time Data Flow that allows every staff member in the office to simultaneously access, edit and view updates by other staff members to the same patient data. If someone makes a change, everyone sees it instantly.

2. ECLIPSE has robust features that can handle scheduling, billing, document imaging, mail merge, reports and documentation. Every aspect of ECLIPSE was designed in-house, and every feature has received accolades from users and auditors alike.

3. ECLIPSE, used by thousands of practices nationwide, has topped multiple independent surveys by chiropractic state associations as recently as 2012 and 2013, and is typically the highest rated chiropractic software on sites such as Software Advice and Chiro Monkey.

Not only is ECLIPSE the only software in the United States used by chiropractic offices that have grown into behemoths, but these offices – with hundreds of employees – acknowledge that ECLIPSE has been indispensable to their growth. From the start, that's been the goal, and it's part of the reason Dr. Walters was able to grow her own practice to easily handle more than 100 patients daily. ECLIPSE puts more money in your pocket.

4. Prices begin at $3,126 (all-inclusive).

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