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June, 2015

Face Off: Weight Management

Face Off offers you the opportunity to learn more about products / services you may be considering for your practice side-by-side so you can make an informed purchasing decision. This month's product category is weight management.

This Month's Questions

  1. What makes your product unique?
  2. Why / how is your product effective?
  3. Why should DCs purchase your product?
  4. What is the price / terms?

Chironutraceutical - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Chironutraceutical
Years Active: 5

1. With nearly 500 offices offering ChiroThin and 30,000 ChiroThin patients in North America, we are the No. 1 weight-loss program available exclusively to chiropractic offices. We are the only company that sells our products exclusively to chiropractic offices. You will not find our products for sale online, in retail stores or anyplace else. ChiroThin is owned and operated by a practicing chiropractor and sold only to chiropractic offices!

2. ChiroThin is effective by design! Meeting and exceeding accepted safety standards, the ChiroThin program is based on the four "gold standards" of long-term weight loss: behavioral and dietary changes; nutritional supplementation; and when appropriate, the right type of exercise. Because your patients purchase all of their food at the grocery store, they will learn how to shop and eat low glycemic index / anti-inflammatory foods. This helps prevent the "rebound" weight gain experienced with many shake-, bar- and drug-based weight-loss programs.

3. Not every doctor of chiropractic should purchase ChiroThin! We only want to do business with chiropractors who 1) want to help their patients, community and practice on a bigger scale; 2) want to deal with a company that always does the right thing; 3) only does business with people who want to do business with them; and 4) offers client support like you have never experienced.

4. Costing $50.00 in the U.S. and $99.00 in Canada (it's a different formula that is Health Canada approved), ChiroThin represents a minimum net profit of 8:1.

Dee Cee Labs - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Dee Cee Labs
Years Active: 53

1. As one of our more innovative weight-loss products, TripleForm combines three of our best weight-loss ingredients supplemented by three key B vitamins, comprising one healthy, potent product. All of these elements on their own have proved highly beneficial for users, essentially making this new product as effective as the sum of its parts without the  use of fillers, binders
or artificial elements.

2. The product's three main herb-based ingredients working in fast-acting tandem are Garcinia Cambogia, which acts as a fat blocker and appetite suppressant while increasing serotonin to help balance moods; Raspberry Ketones, which increase energy levels while supporting metabolism; and Green Coffee Bean Extract, for which a clinical study showed an average weight loss of 11 pounds per person over a 60-day period. Additionally, gluten-free vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid synergistically boost energy levels.

3. DCs worldwide trust us implicitly because of our unsurpassed track record of service and enhanced health we have provided for their patients since 1962. We manufacture best-of-class products via processes that adhere to stringent quality-control protocols in our state-of-the-art facility. In so doing, we stand behind our products with full confidence and reliability. Not only do we conduct time-tested research in creating our industry-leading products; we also take them to the market without the middleman. What our many loyal customers know about us and what they see is what they get.

4. Each TripleForm bottle contains 180 capsules and is available for $36. Buy six bottles and get two additional bottles for free. Our best deal is to buy 12, get six more free. Order at 1-800-251-8182.

NuLean Inc. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark NuLean Inc.
Years Active: 8

1. NuLean is an all-natural, pharmaceutical-grade cleanse that achieves rapid weight loss and lasting health improvements, transforming patients into vibrant, slim "billboards" that promote your practice. The NuLean program can dramatically improve the patient's health in as little as one week, as proven by a university medical study. Per the study, the NuLean weight-loss cleanse produced 7.5 pounds average weight loss in the first week, plus made significant improvements in the patient's blood, thus improving their health.

2. NuLean detoxifies the body, cuts carb and sugar cravings, helps alkalize the body and instigates rapid weight loss. Equally important, the NuLean regimen instigates life-enhancing changes in the patient's lifestyle and eating habits. The person gets more active and develops a craving for healthy, natural foods.

3. The greatest weight-loss system in the world will do the doctor little good unless he or she can attract overweight people to their practice. Every doctor who utilizes the NuLean weight-loss system receives, for free, the NuLean New Patient Marketing System, which gives the doctor all the marketing tools necessary to attract new patients in need of weight loss.

4. The doctor's wholesale price for the NuLean three-week program is $162.50. The suggested retail price is $299.00. When you factor in all the money the patient will be saving on the NuLean meal replacements, the cost of the program averages out to just a couple of dollars a day for the patient.

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