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January, 2017

Beyond Strategy: Success Comes From Within

By Josh Wagner, DC

For decades, chiropractors have been instructed on specific strategies and tactics for new-patient attraction, conversion, referrals, and overall practice growth. Countless DCs have implemented these strategies over the past 40 years, with varying levels of success and effectiveness.

Yet many chiropractors still believe the reason they may not see the same results as their colleagues, even when using identical strategies, is because they're not putting the needed effort into the same strategy (time or training). Still others point to the fact they're in a different location or have a different type of patient demographic that doesn't work as well.

There are countless strategies we can implement daily to monthly to improve our practice and the quality of our lives. But here's the secret for the chiropractic profession: It's rarely what you're specifically doing (the tactic, marketing effort, screening, script) making the difference in your results (volume, income or fulfillment).

If five chiropractors do the same exact marketing campaign, mailer, talk, new-patient script, or any other tactic or strategy, will they all get the same exact results? Never. In short, it's not what your doing or not doing that's the biggest variable; it's the mindset that brings you to take action in the first place (and to continue to do so). Your intention, your character, your energy, your focus, your commitment, your passion, your inspiration are what matter most, both inside and outside your practice.

Are you fully relaxed, detached, enjoying your free time out of your practice? Or are you compromising your time off on weekends because you're focused on what you should be doing or could be doing before Monday arrives? During patient care, are you fully focused and intentional in the moment of the adjustment? Or are you focused on the weekend? When you're focusing on marketing or staff training are you fully present with the highest quality of character, focus and being possible?

i can't do it - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark That's where results really come from. That's where the gold in life comes from. But for the most part, we aren't taught it and don't believe it. In return, we stay bound to the same subconscious mentality of, "I'm not doing the right things" or "I'm not doing them effectively."

Any action you take that doesn't come from an inspired and passionate space will never be as effective. For instance, care recommendations passed down from chiropractic generation to generation with little clinical efficacy often become the "standard" of what to do. I was taught care plans at an impressionable age that didn't make any sense to me. But I was instructed it's the way to be successful. So, I ended up recommending care to new patients I wasn't 100 percent congruent with, and it was reflected in my lower care acceptance rate, retention and referrals.

It wasn't until I dropped what I thought I had to do and started acting in congruency with my personal beliefs that those results begin to switch. When I became congruent and inspired with my recommendations, I could say far less words, because patients felt I meant it and trusted my leadership.

Tip #1: Daily Practice Makes Perfect

Every single morning, I devote 20 minutes to meditating and 10 minutes to reading a document I've written on how I want to go through the day. I do another meditation in the middle of the day. It resets and boosts my energy for the second half and continually hones my state of being. I finish the day with another 20 minutes of visualization on my ideal life before I go to bed.

It's abundantly evident nowadays when I don't do my midday meditation and detachment; I'm nowhere near as present and focused with patients or my staff the rest of the day. That hurts my practice. Likewise, it's common for patients to point out to me how present and focused I seem to them when their visits are immediately following my midday meditation. The proof is palpable to others.

This daily exercise is not easy, but it is simple and accessible to everyone. Start doing this for just 10 minutes a day or right before going into a situation or personal interaction you're not fully confident in approaching. Over time, you'll teach yourself how to thrive in the moment automatically.

Tip #2: Buddy System

Whom do you associate with regularly? Surrounding yourself with people who have high energy, great focus and intention, and quality character will rub off and contribute to your own growth.

Who can you reach out to in your community and take out for a lunch? Who can you befriend and contribute to in return for a quick weekly phone call; or even a phone call just when needed? Who keeps you accountable for what you want in life? We're each our own worst enemy in terms of accountability.

I speak with multiple people every week. We're not talking about what I'm doing as much as we're talking about who I'm being and what I'm bringing to the actions I take in my life. Who could you have in your life to keep you accountable to who you're being? Perhaps close friends or colleagues are willing to do this for you; and you can keep them accountable in return.

Over the years, my inner circle of closest contacts has changed and evolved. I know I'm growing positively because those I can count on most and who I spend the most time with are also increasing in quality of character, monetary success and philanthropic contribution to the world. These individuals often give me ideas for my practice, and go above and beyond themselves to refer me to people in the community who could be of positive influence for my practice.

Tip #3: Schedule It

I've set up reminders on my phone reminding me throughout the day who I'm being in that moment. When an alert sounds, I think to myself: Am I being focused? Am I being intentional? Am I inspired? Am I joyful? Am I grateful? Every time a reminder goes off, acknowledge how far or close you are to your desired way of being.

Can you think of two areas in your life that aren't getting the results you want? If you changed who you're being in approaching that area, how could that make a difference for you and the results you get? Could you be more inspired the next time you approach it? Once you figure out how to change, ask others to keep you accountable. Watch what shifts for you and the results you produce, all without working any harder or longer.

Just like the understanding of chiropractic and our nervous system, it's not as much about adding or taking anything away in order to heal, but rather enhancing the flow and supply of what is already present.

Dr. Josh Wagner, a practicing DC in New York City, is the creator of "The Perfect Patient Funnel System", a training program for chiropractors and staff to see rapidly increased new-patient care acceptance and referrals with far more ease in practice.

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