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January, 2017

Webinars Can Work Wonders!

By DCPI Staff

Let's assume you've attended at least one webinar, and for the sake of this discussion, let's assume it was a great one. How did the presentation make you feel about the speaker, their expertise on the subject, and your overall opinion of them as an authority in their field? Did they make you more likely to pursue other opportunities to interact with them?

Done correctly, webinars represent a powerful opportunity to establish yourself as the authority on all things chiropractic, health and wellness. Here are five great reasons to consider doing a webinar or two of your own.

1. Reach More People

Webinars give you the power to connect with anyone, anywhere. You may think reaching people beyond the immediate geographic location of your practice isn't important, but that's just not the case. When more people hear your message and appreciate it, the better the chance to gain new patients and retain existing ones. And before you know it, new patients will come through your door from farther away than you'd ever imagined.

2. Get Valuable Information

Ideally, a webinar is interactive; you present information to attendees, but also leave time for a short Q&A session, a few poll questions, or other mechanisms by which you can get information on attendee preferences. It's called market research, and it allows you to better understand your patients and potential patients. Learning patient preferences better allows you to focus your practice on meeting their needs.

3. Forge a Referral Alliance

webinar - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark When building credibility and authority with patients and prospective patients, you don't have to go it alone. Recruit a guest expert to co-present at your webinar; or introduce them and then let them do the presentation on their own. For example, if you're doing a webinar on conservative treatment of sports injuries, why not include comments from a local MD you know who works with athletes at a nearby college?

They'll appreciate the chance to be recognized as an expert, and your partnership will resonate with attendees. What's more, if you're not already getting referrals from the doctor, this may be the tipping point you need.

4. Market a New Service

Adding an exercise room, a massage therapist or a digital X-ray system to your practice? Gauge customer interest and increase your chances of buy-in via a webinar that explains the product / service and why it complements your chiropractic care. You can even offer a first-time discount to try the product / service if applicable. It's a low-cost advertising campaign to launch your expanded line of care.

5. Generate New Leads

Let's assume literally no one who attends your webinar decides to follow up with you for more information. And even the ones who live close to you aren't convinced enough to make that initial visit. Have no fear: Webinar registration gives you access to each attendee's name and email address, at minimum, which you can use to reach out to them with additional information, a request to attend a future webinar, or other offers that may entice them to visit your office. And by promoting your webinar beforehand via social media, you increase the odds your attendee count includes more than just existing patients.

For examples of how doctors of chiropractic and industry leaders are using webinars to their benefit, visit to access the complete webinar archives for DC Practice Insights and Dynamic Chiropractic.

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