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June, 2017

If You Build It, They Will Come

By Editorial Staff

Building a successful practice is all about building productive, lasting relationships with patients, families and the health care community. Here are five easy ways to forge relationships that will help ensure a sustainable, successful practice for years to come:

1. Stay on Their Radar

Don't keep in touch with former patients? How can you expect them to stay on your radar if you don't stay on theirs? According to an ongoing survey on, nearly 40 percent of doctors say they never contact patients who haven't visited the practice in six months or more.

2. Play the Name Game

"Dr. So and So" can never seem to attract patients consistently to the practice? Why? Because he's clearly not winning the name game. Put your name out there – and we mean out there – in every way imaginable, from attending health fairs to handing out business cards at social functions; to creating videos and blog posts for your website; to donating your time and/or money to local charitable causes (which you should be doing for its own merits anyway).

rust - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark 3. Share Your Story

Your story goes far beyond what motivated you to become a chiropractor. Your story entails your communication with patients on every level. Some patients only want a doctor who fixes their immediate health problem, but increasingly patients demand a doctor they can talk to; someone they feel relates to them and their health experiences. This is all the more important as health care conversations evolve from "Hey Doc, this hurts!" to wellness topics such as weight management, nutrition and anti-aging.

4. Come Prepared

Interested in affiliating with other health care providers, but worry the initial interaction won't go well? Step #1: preparation. Research the provider you'd like to meet with – their education and training, specialization, practice scope, conditions most managed, etc. Peruse their practice website, just like a prospective patient would. Then make the initial call or drop off a packet of material about you, including a cover letter that appeals to what your research has taught you.

5. Leave a Light On

Can a patient contact you whenever they need you, or only during certain hours? Can someone ask a question on your website (and get an answer within a reasonable amount of time)? How many rings does it take for your front-office staff to answer the phone? If patients don't feel as if you're approachable, they'll look for someone who is.

Your practice and life aren't all that much different when it comes to prosperity: healthy, long-term relationships are the key. Master the art of cultivating relationships with patients, peers and your community, and you'll be well-positioned for lasting success.

Dynamic Chiropractic editorial staff members research, investigate and write articles for the publication on an ongoing basis. To contact the Editorial Department or submit an article of your own for consideration, email .

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