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June, 2017

Practice Potential: When Less Is More

By Editorial Staff

We live in a more culture these days, but as too many people find out the hard way, more isn't always better in life, and the same is true for your practice.

What's Hanging Over Your Head?

Can't figure out why you're struggling despite a filled appointment book? It may be time to review your overhead. It doesn't matter how much you're bringing in if you're letting even more slip out the door.

Do a quarterly review (at minimum) of fixed and variable expenses to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck. This is also a good time to determine what you really need and what you may be paying for without getting adequate return on your investment.

Silence Is Golden

Love talking to patients about the value of chiropractic and how it can positively impact their health? Make sure you're not overdoing it. Patients want answers they can trust, but even more than that, they want someone willing to listen to their concerns and fears. They want to be able to ask questions and explain what's bothering them before you start answering.

So talk a little less, listen a little more and watch long-term patient relationships flourish.

Put It on Auto-Pilot

Your clinical documentation is flawless and your front-desk staff don't skip a beat, but it may be time to consider automating both (at least to some degree) and do your patients and practice a service. Electronic health records and automated sign-in kiosks cost money, but could save you much more over the long haul in terms of clinic efficiency.

Already have both? Then consider a 24-hour answering service, or a digital signage platform that teaches your patients about wellness care right in your waiting room. These and other technology tools serve to reinforce the professional, modern atmosphere patients increasingly expect from their health care provider.

And after all, isn't that your ultimate goal – to utilize the resources at your disposal to maximize the patient experience and your practice potential? Now that's doing more with less.

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