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Protect Your Practice
December, 2016
Terminating an employee is never a comfortable or easy task. When done, it must be free and clear of legal complications. Even firing an incompetent employee can be a risky endeavor.

The First 15 Seconds Means Everything
December, 2016
As chiropractors, we're all about finding continual solutions and systems to make our practice run as smoothly as possible. But far too often, we're so focused on patient care that we forget about the importance of creating a total experience for our guests.

8 Ways to Avoid Losing Patients
December, 2016
Dr. Danielle was a great chiropractor with a strong chiropractic philosophy. She had met her first chiropractor at age 8 and been helped greatly with her food allergies. She was also hard working, personable and loved meeting people.

Peer to Peer: Practice Metrics
December, 2016
So, how's your practice doing – we mean really doing? And how can you make it even better? Finding the answers can be challenging if you don't know where to start. That's where metrics come in.

Reap Dividends With Influencer Marketing
December, 2016
Influencers in the online world can be powerful bloggers with a strong readership; social media participants with a large following; popular online columnists, community or forum leaders; or those running popular websites of their own.

Securing Your Financial Future: What's Most Important?
December, 2016
As a chiropractor who has taken the risk of owning a professional practice, you are undoubtedly assailed with financial advice in some form or another on a continuing basis from experts, financial media, gurus, accountants, friends and family.

Win Big With Snail Mail
November, 2016
In today's marketing world, we tend to focus on online: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, email and more. But it's important not to forget that old-school marketing tactics can still have a big impact on your business.

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