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PEMF Therapy and Your Practice
September, 2016
Since low-level laser therapy, aka cold laser or laser biostimulation, was introduced more than 20 years ago, it has slowly gained acceptance and is today used in many institutional and private practices. It has had a slow adaptation curve.

Avoiding Practice Madness: Hire Smartly, Fire Promptly
August, 2016
Hiring and firing at the appropriate times and for the appropriate reasons can be a tricky dance. Without a human resources department, many chiropractors are left to do the heavy lifting all on their own.

Making Money With Active Care (Part 2)
August, 2016
In an active care protocol, most patients will receive a chiropractic adjustment plus 2-3 units of active care. In the limited insurance reimbursement payment model, combined with a DMPO discounted fee schedule for non-covered services, the total average fee per office visit will range from $55-$75.

The Complete Guide to Buying or Selling Your Practice
August, 2016
The key ingredient needed for successfully selling or buying a chiropractic practice is money. For the seller, the primary goal is to receive fair market value for the practice, as I've discussed previously; for the buyer, it is acquiring the necessary funds to purchase it.

Telltale Signs Your Schedule Is Running You (and What to Do About It)
August, 2016
Burnout can take many forms and impact a wide array of areas in our personal and professional lives. Burnout can be caused by overwork, over-focus, overexposure, over-thinking, and even under-expressing.

Choosing Which Products to Offer: Dollars & Sense
August, 2016
I attend a good deal of trade shows for a variety of practitioner types. One of the most common questions I field is, "What is the ROI (return on investment) on your product?"

The Power of the Press Release
June, 2016
Press releases must work; if they don't, then why are millions of them written and disseminated each year?

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