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    NEW HALO Headbands Available Now From OPTP

    HALO weighted headbands are designed to strengthen the neck and alleviate pain associated with injury or poor posture. These simple-to-use, cost-effective therapeutic tools assist neuromuscular re-education to restore proper neck posture and improve overall neck health. Available in two versions, REJUVENATOR and POSTURE, so treatment can be tailored to the user’s needs.


    HALO REJUVENATOR evenly distributes one pound of weight around the circumference of the head. By wearing the HALO REJUVENATOR like a standard headband and maintaining neutral neck posture, the body’s proprioceptors begin re-learning how to properly hold the neck. Performing easy-to-learn exercises while wearing the REJUVENATOR can undo damage caused by years of improper sitting habits, as many people have when in front of a computer. This gentle strengthening also makes HALO an ideal rehabilitation tool.


    For advanced neck exercise, you need the HALO POSTURE. The POSTURE places one or two pounds on only half the circumference of the head, allowing the weight to be worn in the front, back or sides. POSTURE is only intended for use under professional direction.


    Each HALO headband includes a 32-page manual, with images, that demonstrates postural correction, strengthening, end-range loading and balance exercises.


    Visit OPTP online at or call 800.367.7393.

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