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    Hydrothotics celebrates National Foot Health Awareness Month

    Foot health is key to being able to get out and get walking for better health!

    March 2014- April is National Foot Health Awareness Month which along with spring is a great time to focus on your foot health so that when the warm weather comes back you can get out and get walking!  Walking is the easiest, most affordable and quickest way to start living a healthier lifestyle.  Walking has many benefits like more energy, better moods, toned muscles, stronger bones and increased calorie burning which leads to weight loss.  Walking also helps to lower your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. 

    Hippocrates was right!  Walking is man’s best medicine and study after study confirms it.  Walking has many health benefits.  Hydrothotics encourages everyone to get out and walk 30 minutes each day at a pace fast enough to raise your heart rate.  Just be careful, don’t overdo it.  Start out slow but START!  Taking that first step is the key.  If you have health risks please consult your doctor before starting a walking exercise routine.  Walk safely, before you get out on your walk consider these safety tips- wear brightly colored clothing if you walk in the dark, walk with a group if you can, make sure someone knows your routine of when and where you walk, do not wear jewelry or headphones, be aware of your surroundings and stretch to warm up.  Use a log, journal or smartphone app to track your walks, miles and time.  If you walk the same route its fun to see your times improve as your strength improves.  Have fun and reward yourself!

    What if you have foot pain, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis or other lower extremity pain?  Walking for these people can be almost impossible or very painful.  Hydrothotics Dynamic Fluid Orthotics have been clinically proven to reduce pain and increase circulation allowing many suffering from foot pain to get up and get walking. 

    Hydrothotics, available online at and in chiropractic offices across the country, are an affordable, easy to use, effective solution for walkers who have pain that may keep them from walking.  Hydrothotics immediately relieve pain in the feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips and lower back.  They support arches guarding against shin splints.   They massage the feet increasing circulation, which relieves inflammation and speeds recovery times after a walk.  They are very thin and do not change the fit of your shoes.  Hydrothotics absorb 86% of the shock on the heel while walking and standing.

    Don’t let foot pain keep you from a healthier, happier, slimmer YOU! 

    “I have tried these wonderful Hydrothotics for exercise four times a week on the circuit and my feet don’t hurt like before so this is the real test for me.”

    Ella C.



    Hydrothotics Dynamic Fluid Orthotics will help relieve your foot pain which may keep you from beginning a walking routine.  Give them a try today; you have nothing to lose but pain!


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    For more information visit, call 800-396-8893

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