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Industry News for Performance Health

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Akron, Ohio 44310

    Performance Health Partners with Advances in Clinical Education - Educational alliance supports enhancements in clinicians' assessment and treatment, ultimately better serving the consumer/patient.

    AKRON, OH – October 6, 2015 – Performance Health is proud to announce an educational partnership with Advances in Clinical Education, a leader in continuing education for rehabilitation providers. The partnership greatly benefits rehab patients through better clinical assessment and treatment with innovative therapeutic techniques, enabled by world-class rehabilitative tools.  

    “Rehab is only as good as your assessment,” stated Dr. Phil Page, Global Director of Research and Education for Performance Health. “Understanding a patient’s quality of movement and pain is essential for developing an effective treatment of exercise, which is why this educational partnership makes perfect sense. It allows clinicians to seamlessly tie assessment and treatment together and better utilize our TheraBand® rehab products.”

    Advances in Clinical Education is a provider of the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) and FMS (Functional Movement Screening) as well as numerous other hands-on courses that expose clinicians to research-based information and resulting successful patient outcomes. 

    All participants in Advances for Clinical Education’s SFMA courses receive and learn how to use the new TheraBand® CLX™ Consecutive Loops. “Our patent-pending innovation has changed the rehab game by combining multiple exercise tools in one portable, lightweight and effective package. By connecting the upper and lower body in a single exercise and facilitating open hand exercises, holding objects with resistance, and completely hands-free exercises, CLX creates entirely new exercise possibilities for movement correction exercise,” continued Page.  

    “The goal of this partnership is to give clinicians opportunities to easily learn the latest in assessment and treatment. Physical therapists and other hands-on healthcare providers now have the opportunity to learn effective new exercise interventions for patients with a variety of diagnoses,” added Dr. Michael Voight, co-founder of Advances in Clinical Education. “The tools and techniques we teach on the weekend can be effectively and efficiently implemented on Monday. This quickly validates that the clinician’s time with us was well spent.”

    Upcoming SFMA Certification 2015 courses

    • October 10-11 - Little Rock, AK
    • October 16-17 - Syracuse, NY
    • October 30-31 - Amarillo, TX
    • November 7-8 - Oklahoma City, OK
    • November 14-15 - Summerville, NJ
    • December 4-5 - Ontario, CA

    About Advances in Clinical Education

    Advances in Clinical Education has been providing quality post-professional education courses since 1990. Dedicated to lifelong learning, their diverse faculty is nationally recognized, each having clinical specialization in their respective areas of expertise. This enables their unique ability to offer a continuum of courses modeled to meet the needs of practicing clinicians in a changing healthcare environment. In 1994 through an articulating agreement with the University of St Augustine, they established a collaborative certification in Sports Physical Therapy (STC). They continue to develop and enhance their courses because it is their belief that the pursuit of professional excellence encompasses a lifetime of continued learning integrated into clinical practice.

    About Performance Health

    Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Performance Health is a global consumer branded health, wellness and self-care company. The Performance Health brands include Biofreeze®, TheraBand®, Cramer®, Bon Vital'®, and Thera°Pearl®, featuring a complementary product offering helping practitioners and patients relieve pain, accelerate recovery, grow stronger, improve performance and enhance quality of life for nearly 100 years.




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