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    FLIPPING YOUR ‘WORK ETHIC’ TO A ‘REST ETHIC’ - New Book from Activator® Instructor Shows How to Reclaim Your Life

    (PHOENIX) – Dr. Sean Orr, a chiropractor and instructor for Activator Methods International® (AMI), the industry-leading creator of the world’s most popular chiropractic adjusting instruments, has launched a new book titled, The Rest Ethic.

    Turning the traditional notion of a ‘work ethic’ on its head, Dr. Orr shares the very personal story of his own grinding schedule as a doctor and entrepreneur working long hours and enduring seemingly endless stress as he established himself in the healing profession. After five years at that relentless pace, Orr was diagnosed with a viral brain infection with neurological complications that left him exhausted and quite literally numb along the entire left side of his body.

    At first, Dr. Orr was ordered to rest for a couple of months. Those two months dragged out to two years before he fully recovered from the symptoms. It was during that convalescence that Orr realized the only way he could sustain his professional life was to learn how to rest, recover and recharge. He decided he needed to turn his work ethic into a Rest Ethic.

    Dr. Orr defines the Rest Ethic this way:

    Your rest ethic is all about you and how you take care of yourself. It’s about creating time, space, and recreation for your life. It’s about ensuring that you have ample recovery and renewal time and are creating the best version of yourself.

                                                     --Excerpt from The Rest Ethic by Dr. Sean Orr

    Another excerpt from the book notes the current trend toward overwork is truly an epidemic:   

    Today, many of us live the same hectic, sometimes maniacal pace that puts work and “succeeding” ahead of just about everything else, including ourselves. I see this countless times every day with my patients. So many people are exhausted, physically and mentally, and as a result suffer varying stages of illness. The exhaustion and fatigue leads to a spillover effect in their personal lives, finances, and relationships. Even more

    disturbing is that the trend seems to be increasing. People feel like they’re on a treadmill that they can’t get off. They’re in a cycle of stuck.

    The Rest Ethic is filled with specific strategies for breaking the “cycle of stuck” and discovering precisely how to stay focused on cultivating a healthy and meaningful life. At the end of each chapter, Orr offers a list of action steps that help the reader quickly build a sustainable and effective self-care practice.

    Activator Chairman Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr said, “Sean’s book is an essential read. There is now several decades-worth of substantial scientific research that shows the dire effects of constant stress. Before you succumb to symptoms that can gravely disturb the quality of your life, read this book, take it to heart and practice what you learn. It may save you from having to take years to recover, as Sean did, or could help you avoid a chronic disability completely.”

    Dr. Sean Orr leads the highly successful Orr Chiropractic practice where he specializes in the Activator Method technique and has helped thousands of patients reach their health goals. He has served as a clinical instructor and associate clinical instructor for Activator Methods for more than a decade. Dr. Orr and his family live in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. 

    The Rest Ethic is available through, as well as other online booksellers.

    Activator Methods International® is home to the full line of Activator® instruments and the Activator Method® of chiropractic instrument adjusting. Founded on the principles of clinical research, Activator Methods International has been providing chiropractic care, resources and training since 1967.  For more information please visit

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