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Industry News for SpiderTech Inc.

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    A perfect solution for scars and keloids, "myScarTape" revives the comfort of skin

    Scars, keloids and damaged skin can significantly reduce confidence. There has been no perfect solution to get rid of them, until now. myScarTape by SpiderTech is the ultimate product for fighting scars and relieving pain. With myScarTape, users gain their confidence back, can enjoy their favorite activities, wear any apparel they desire, and experience a better night's sleep. This breathable, long-lasting, skin-protective tape acts as a healing second skin.

    USA, CANADA, December 11, 2020 –  A simple yet powerful product that takes care of scars and the social stigma associated with them. myScarTape is a skin-like tape that morphs into the shape of the skin and provides a massive increase in comfort levels. To blend in with the skin, and to provide the best experience, myScarTape comes in three colors -- fair, medium and deep -- to match to a variety of skin tones. No other product is able to control the growth of scars like myScarTape, it offers protection from burns and provides significant keloid scar relief.

    myScarTape lasts up to two weeks, providing enough time for the scar to heal and to reduce pain levels. Made from pure cotton, the tape firmly grips onto the skin, ensuring the damaged area remains moisture-free to provide complete pain relief. By supporting and alleviating skin tension in the affected area, myScarTape can also reduce further growth in younger scars.

    No need to lose self-confidence and self-esteem over damaged skin, ugly scars, keloids or unsightly burn marks! Simply apply myScarTape to the affected area and regain your skin's natural smoothness. Applying MyScarTape is so easy that even a child can apply it. The tape helps people regain the comfort of being in their own skin, enabling them to enjoy their day-to-day hobbies such as running, swimming or playing sports. With the regained confidence, you can feel comfortable wearing any outfits you wish, without feeling insecure about your scars.

    One of the customers who used myScarTape reviewed the product and said

     “I used the scar tape from SpiderTech on my stomach scar and it made me feel more protected and comfortable. Very light on the skin and doesn’t irritate my skin or scar. Highly recommended!

    Be free of all the anxiety and social stigma associated with scars and enjoy life to its fullest.

    About myScarTape by SpiderTech

    An evolution of the original kinesiology tape technology, myScarTape has been developed by SpiderTech. The company makes a variety of skin tapes to maintain good physical health. Chosen by professional athletes and tested by medical professionals, all the products made by SpiderTech offer world-class skin-protection at an affordable price.

    Dr. Marc Jeschke, a Senior Scientist who specializes in Biological Sciences, is a member of Troy Trauma Research Program and Chair of Burn Research at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, provides his professional insight on myScarTape: 

    I usually see patients with scars as a last resort after they have tried injections, surgeries, and more. I have found it remarkable how so often simply using scar tape on a regular basis profoundly changes patients’ lives.

    On December 16, 2020, SpiderTech will be showcasing its new product, myScarTape on national television. This scar tape is a drug-free, doctor-led, hypoallergenic innovation that treats the physical sensitivity of scars. If you miss us live on December 16th, be sure to check us out on the myScarTape Youtube Channel on the same day.

    So whether your scars are a decade old or brand new, myScarTape is just for you. If you want to feel good with your skin again visit, to learn more and purchase today!


    SpiderTech Inc.

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