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    DSL Trainer

    Minneapolis, MN - The new BOSU® DSL Trainer™ (Dynamic Stabilizing Load) from BOSU® has gone a whole new direction with fitness balls. This ball contains a total of 5 pounds in weighted beads and has a six-sided design for enhanced function, resistance, and technique.

    This new design in swiss balls makes for ideal stability when working out, has little to no movement when pushed, and adds fun variety to your everyday exercise.

    The DSL Trainer™ leaves plenty of room for creativity when it comes to planning a workout or stretch (View video clips at Not to mention the 11,660 pound burst strength that provides you with confidence and peace of mind as you execute a workout. If you're not looking to make-up your own workout and would like some examples, the DSL Trainer™ also comes with a workout DVD (and ball pump).

    The DVD menu fist allows you to choose between three things: Introduction & Safety Tips, Instructions for Exercises, and DSL Trainer™ Workout. After watching the safety tips, the next option brings you to a new menu displaying a list of various workouts. "Ball on the Wall," "Lifting and Shifting", and "Squats" are just some of the options shown. What's nice about this DVD is that two people demonstrate each exercise, one doing a less intense beginner version and the other demonstrating more advanced options. No matter what skill level you're at, you will get a great overall workout from the BOSU® DSL Trainer™ and DVD.

    For more information or a free OPTP catalog visit us online at or call toll-free at (800) 367-7393.


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