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Industry News for MicroFour, Inc.

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    Case Study of EMR

    Anthony Paolucci - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Anthony Paolucci, D.C. practices in Parker, CO, just south of Denver; it's one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Dr. Paolucci has been using the PracticeStudio® system for over thirteen years and prior to that, he had used two or three other practice management systems. "I had a good level of experience with computerized practice management systems before I found the PracticeStudio® system," said Dr. Paolucci. "When I saw the demonstration of the system, I thought I had literally died and gone to heaven. The system's workflow matched my practice workflow perfectly. In addition to greatly easing my work load, the system provides my practice with consistency, reliability, and reproducibility of results," Dr. Paolucci added.

    According to Dr. Paolucci, the system is very malleable and customizable. "After thirteen years, I have yet to find something I wanted to make the system do that I couldn't make it do. The documentation features are incredible. The ease with which I can create my care notes by just touching the screen is fantastic. You can't write or dictate as fast as you can document with this system. And when you are asked by an auditor or lawyer to produce your notes on any particular case, all you have to say is: 'how many copies do you want?'" Dr. Paolucci commented.

    "And, as you document, the system is automatically collecting the information that is pertinent to the billing process, so it improves your billing immediately. I've commented to several of my colleagues, that the system doesn't cost you money, it pays you money by reducing your losses. The revenue tracking features are also great. I know exactly where my practice stands, financially, every day," Dr. Paolucci remarked.

    When asked to make a general comment on the system's performance, Dr. Paolucci said that he had begun using the system in Illinois and when he moved to Colorado, he brought it with him. Not once in thirteen years has the system failed to show up for work. It never has a headache and it's never sick. It just works hard for him every day. It's his most reliable employee.

    "My customer service from MicroFour has been stellar," said Dr. Paolucci. "Whenever I have a request, they are always there for me. I would recommend this system to anyone who has a medical practice to manage," Dr. Paolucci added.

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