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Industry News for Core Products International, Inc.

808 Prospect Ave
Osceola, Wisconsin 54020-8104

    New ThermaCore® Packs and Covers Provide Deep Penetrating Moist Heat Therapy

    (Osceola, WI) - October 23, 2010 - Core Products' new ThermaCore Packs deliver moist heat to relax sore muscles prior to professional treatment. Available in multiple sizes, ThermaCore Packs can also be used on the back, neck, and extremities to help relieve pain from arthritis, bursitis, backaches, sprains and strains, muscle soreness, and headaches.

    "The therapeutic moist heat radiating from these packs is more effective at providing deep penetrating heat to tissue than conventional heat packs," explains Philip Mattison, president and founder of Core Products International, Inc.

    ThermaCore Packs - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark ThermaCore Packs should be heated in 160°F (71°C) water for at least 20 minutes prior to application to the desired area. Each product also features convenient, color coded tabs to ensure that fully heated packs are available at any time.

    "We wanted clinics to be able to integrate the ThermaCore line into their existing procedures as seamlessly as possible," says Mattison, "The packs can be stored indefinitely in a heating unit, always ready for use. The colored tabs simply provide a visual indicator for pack rotation."

    To ensure maximum effectiveness and patient safety, ThermaCore Packs should be placed in a protective cover before use. ThermaCore Pack Covers, also available from Core Products, are available in sizes to complement the ThermaCore Packs, allowing professionals to vary the heat intensity by adding or removing layers of insulation. For moderate application of moist heat therapy, Core Products also offers foam lined ThermaCore Pack Covers.

    Core Products recommends that the ThermaCore Packs remain in a heater or water bath after initial use, as the fill material in the packs may distort if previously conditioned packs are allowed to dry completely. For infrequent use, conditioned ThermaCore Packs can be stored in the freezer.

    A leading manufacturer of orthopedic soft goods, Core Products International, Inc. was founded with the idea that therapeutic products should be comfortable to wear and easy to use. Core Products led the industry with the release of the unique Tri-Core pillow in 1990. The Tri-Core quickly became the most recommended pillow in the chiropractic field. In addition to ThermaCore Packs, Core Products offers a broad variety of innovative pillows and positioning products, support cushions, back belts, hot and cold therapy, and handheld massagers.

    For more information on the ThermaCore line, or to schedule an interview with company contacts, please contact Chuck Mancino at 904-280-5433 or email

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