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Industry News for Core Products International, Inc.

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Osceola, Wisconsin 54020-8104

    Core Products Offers Professional-Grade Massager for Pre-, Post- Adjustment

    For pain sufferers, the use of Jeanie Rub massagers, offered by Core Products, is a great alternative. The Jeanie Rub series is the choice of health care professionals everywhere. These massagers, formerly known as Morfam Jeanie Rub massagers, offer a soothing, oscillating massage action designed to safely relax muscles, reduce stress and stimulate circulation for all body types and sizes. They do not use the jabbing or pounding motions found in other massagers. They provide a comfortable, deep-penetrating massage delivered via a premium cushioned vinyl pad.

    Jeanie Rub Massager - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Due to their in-home and clinic use, Jeanie Rub massagers are the most widely used handheld therapeutic massagers. They can be used as a full-body massager or just simply as a muscle massager or leg massager for both therapy and relaxation. They are made for single- or two-person use and can be used anywhere on the body. Jeanie Rub massagers are available in two models: single speed and variable speed. There are accessories that you can use with the massager to provide more of a targeted trigger point for intense massage.

    The Jeanie Rub Massager #3400 is a single-speed massager that provides consistent massage at 3,240 rpm and a four point orbital, oscillating massage therapy action. It is the more standard and practical of the two models. The Jeanie Rub Massager #3401 provides variable speeds and allows you more control in adjusting the speed, which ranges from 1,400 to 4,600 rpm. It gives you the option of increasing the intensity of the penetration on certain spots and decreasing the intensity on the more sensitive areas of the body.

    The accessories that are available to use with the Jeanie Rub Massager #3401 further enhance the relief from the pain and tension. The three-piece accessory kit features the single-point attachment for deep pressure point massage; the side-to-side adjustable double point, which is ideal for the soft tissues around the spinal column; and the adjustable U-shaped extremity pad that is designed for general massaging around the neck, arms, legs and ankles. The Jeanie Rub fleece cover allows you to use massage oils and lotions. This can be used with the single-speed or variable-speed version.

    Core Products International, Inc., was founded in 1988 with the idea that therapeutic products should be comfortable to wear and use. Their motto is "Making Your Life More Comfortable," which is reflected by all the products they manufacture and carry.

    Visit to see Core Product's entire product line or call 877-249-1251.

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