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Industry News for Core Products International, Inc.

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Osceola, Wisconsin 54020-8104

    Core Products International Launches New Therapeutic Water Support Pillow

    AquaCore™ Pillow is First to Address all Stages of New TriCare™: Circle of Health

    Osceola, Wis. - August 13, 2004 - Core Products International, Inc., the leader in high-quality orthopedic and comfort care products, advances the therapeutic pillow market with the launch of its new AquaCore™ therapeutic water support pillow and TriCare™: Circle of Health™.

    In direct response to customer requests, Core Products designed this premium water pillow to address the different therapeutic needs of those suffering from some cervical troubles. AquaCore is the industry's first pillow that addresses the three distinct stages of care - accommodate, correct and maintain - identified in Core Products' innovative therapeutic TriCare concept.

    TriCare defines the three stages of care based on an individual's cervical health condition, and identifies the type of therapeutic pillow the person should consider. Core Products categorizes therapeutic pillows into two distinct types: displacement and supportive. For example, a person with an acute injury would be in the Accommodate Stage and would require a displacement pillow, made of memory foam or water, that conforms to and stabilizes the temporary condition.

    TriCare, with its classification of therapeutic pillows and care stages, helps people to select the pillow that best addresses their cervical issues. To meet each stage of care and further simplify pillow selection, AquaCore features flexible, removable components that help it adjust depending on a person's cervical condition.

    "Consumers are no longer forced to purchase multiple pillows to achieve ideal support in each stage of cervical health," said Phil Mattison, Core Products president. "In one pillow, AquaCore provides unsurpassed care and quality for every stage."

    For the Accommodate Stage, AquaCore's easy-to-remove water Therapeutic Comfort Chamber features a center Displacement Panel that forces the water to the outer edges to gently cradle the head. Individuals can fill the Comfort Chamber with more or less water depending on preferred firmness.

    While AquaCore's displacement characteristics work well in the Accommodate Stage, individuals in the Correct Stage need increased cervical support. Whether recovering from an injury or battling chronic neck pain, people in the Correct Stage typically are seeking chiropractic care; their goal is to eliminate the cause of pain by restoring normal neck curvature. A supportive or corrective pillow can modify a person's sleeping position, help reestablish proper alignment and preserve a chiropractic adjustment. By adding the pillow's foam Cervical Insert and positioning it under the neck, the AquaCore transforms from a displacement to a supportive pillow.

    The corrective nature of the AquaCore Cervical Insert also helps users to sustain normal, healthy alignment, the core objective of the Maintain Stage of TriCare. Also, more water can be added for additional support.

    "Assigning the correct pillow for the appropriate stage can help make adjustments last longer and complement the care chiropractors deliver to patients," Mattison said. The TriCare concept provides the therapeutic market a new way of defining its products and demonstrates the a leadership in the industry."

    The AquaCore helps accommodate, correct and maintain individuals' cervical conditions to address each stage of care. In addition to the removable water Comfort Chamber and Cervical Insert that help adjust the pillow, AquaCore provides different fiber levels in two fiber Loft Chambers. The AquaCore is constructed of a high thread-count fabric and new generation fiber fill that makes the pillow soft, comfortable, durable and easy to clean. AquaCore is available at or through select health care and chiropractic offices.

    About Core Products International, Inc.

    Founded in 1988, Core Products International is known throughout the healthcare industry for providing the highest quality orthopedic and comfort care products available today. Core offers a complete line of orthopedic pillows and positioning products, extremity braces and external supports, and hot and cold therapy systems. Core developed the TriCare: Circle of Health to help consumers select the most appropriate therapeutic product for their current health condition.


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