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Radio to Tell the Chiropractic Story

By Editorial Staff
ChiroWeb, which gets well over one million hits each month, was primarily designed for doctors and students of chiropractic. But with the increasing numbers of consumer visitors to ChiroWeb, it became clear we needed a sister site designed exclusively for consumers. That site is features several areas where consumers can find information about chiropractic, such as: What is Chiropractic? How Can I Find the Chiropractor Best for Me? What Can I Expect on my First Visit to a DC? contains a search directory (used more than 17,000 times a month) which allows patients to find any of the over 72,000 doctors of chiropractic worldwide.

ChiroFind also has a "Tell Me About" section where patients can learn about the benefits of chiropractic for asthma, back pain, childhood earaches, headaches, senior health, whiplash, women's health and more. Each of these subsections is supported by referenced research.

One important features is the "Ask a Doctor of Chiropractic" forum where the public can submit specific questions to DCs George Best and Allen Manison. Drs. Best and Manison answer as many as 40 inquiries each week.

To let the public know more about chiropractic, is being advertised on the weekly radio program "Creative Health and Spirit," a program that reaches 1.4 million listeners interested in alternative forms of care. The program is broadcast on a number of radio stations across the U.S. and into parts of Canada and Mexico.

While this is our first use of combining radio with the internet to spread the news about chiropractic, it won't be the only method. As traffic continues to grow, additional forms of advertising will be added to reach more potential patients and increase awareness about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Total Hits for August: 1,489,652

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